About Me

My name is Terri. I live in Jamestown, ND. I love knitting! Is there anything else you need to know really? At the moment, I am a SAHM mom of 4, ranging in ages from almost 17 to11 months.

Here is my ravelry link.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read Jamestown ND… I am from Jamestown too!!! And I love to knit!!! What the heck! I would love to meet you! I really like your patterns, by the way!
    Mary Ellen

    • Oh wow! Small world. I thought I had found all the knitters in Jamestown! lol. I would love to meet up sometime too. We have a group that sometimes meets up at Miss Babs, thought it’s been a while. You can pm me on Ravelry if you like. My id is ninja8tofu.

  2. Hi, Terri~

    I am just beginning to read your blog. Sorry you have been under the weather and that the kids now have it! Double Whammy.

    I am going to knit your pattern, Kindling Cardigan that I have saved from Knitty. I need your help. I am knitting for my niece’s daughter and they live in NC. Consequently, I am using cotton instead of wool so she can get more use from it. Anyway, I have done 3 swatches using size 3, 4, 5 needles. It’s odd – the size 3 gives me 24 st/30 rows and size 4 gives me 22 sts/28 rows. What do you suggest I use?

    Kris Kilz
    Gunnison, CO

    • Hello!
      Thanks for your thoughts, we are slowly getting back to normal around here.

      I would use the size 4 since the stitch gauge is more important. Just keep in mind that it will take you fewer rows per inch than the pattern. Sorry it took me so long to answer, I generally only check the email for the blog once in a while!

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