Pattern Release: Little Flower

Wow! Has it really been a month since I last posted. That is so bad of me, I know. But, I have an excuse. Well, I have several actually…I’ve been really, really busy. Not just with designing things, but personally. May has been the month of doctor appointments, orthodontist appointments, a birthday to prepare for(# 2 this weekend) and a graduation(next weekend)! Yes, I have on son turning 2 and one graduating high school! Last week, I also got hit with what I call the plague. Really, I got a cold that won’t go away!!! But, enough of my sad, sad excuses. I have a new pattern to show you!

Released just today, I give to you, Little Flower.

This is a little girl’s shrug knit up in a dk weight cotton blend. Other fibers would also work well.

As you can see, two lace panels run along the front panels and there are two options for sleeves, ruffled and non-ruffled.

This sweet little shrug is perfect to set off any spring or summer outfit.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this post. I promise to post more often! I have more designs coming your way. There are another 6 in some stage of development. Three are very very close to publishing. So, check back often!