Woooo! The Holidays are Coming!!!

I have been soooo crazy busy. The holidays are a little nuts around here. I am trying to get the house in order to start holiday baking, trying to just clean out unused items in order to prepare for what will be coming into the house in December, sort through clothes, acquire holiday outfits, shop, craft and design!!! aaaaaagh! The holidays bring out the best in some people. I wouldn’t say that I am one of them.

Now, when I say I am preparing for holiday baking, you may chuckle. But, let me explain “holiday baking”. We go way, way overboard. We make all kinds of cookies, bars, fudge, candy, chex mix and most of all…LEFSE!!!! So, it’s not like we bake two things and ta da!!! No, it takes at least two weekends to get it all done. It takes planning! Without planning it is just a jumbled mess.

The shopping, oh dear the shopping. You know what, I live in a small town and I really just prefer to shop online. There isn’t much here where I live and the nearest decent shopping area is approximately 95 miles away. I have many people to shop for in a wide variety of ages so online is really the way to go for me. I am ahead of the game this year. The toddler is done. The older boys are almost done and my daughter’s been done since June. She leaves on a ten day school band trip to Disneyland the day after Christmas. I am nervous and excited for her, all at once. Nieces, nephews, sister, brothers, etc are all done. My significant other is not done. Ugh. I hate shopping for him. He gives me no ideas and when he does they are way out of my budget. Then I feel like he didn’t get something he wanted and ack. It’s difficult for me.

The crafting is going well. I am knitting a few things, but they are small and I don’t really feel any stress there. My daughter is getting one of my Alpaca Hug Cowls done in Malabrigo Twist. I am also crafting the baby some mittens. He has some other mittens but I don’t like them, so I am making him some also out of Malabrigo Twist. My niece wants a Boo Hat without ears, so I ordered some Malabrigo Chunky in Bobby Blue for that yesterday. I LOVE Bobby Blue, it might be my favorite Malabrigo colorway. My only issue with the crafting is the sweater that I have been working on for my mother. She told me she wanted short sleeves. So, the other day I asked her if she wanted them capped or a little longer, just above the elbow. She then puts her finger at the 3/4 sleeve area. ACK! Mom those are 3/4 sleeves not short sleeves. I don’t know if I will have enough yarn!!!!

The designing is going well too, albeit slowly. I am short on time. So, the designing gets put on the back burner as nothing has a pressing deadline. I am working on a hat design to complement my Alpaca Hug Cowl, a boy’s vest, and a shawl!!!! Yes, me, a shawl! I am definitely keeping busy.

So, I hope you have a great post-Thanksgiving weekend! Enjoy your time with your family and or friends! I wish you all a stressless and happy holidays!

Knitting Away

After releasing Little Momo on November 2nd, I’ve had somewhat of a break. October was extremely busy. I released 3 patterns within a month and met 3 other deadlines. So, I needed a week to collect my thoughts. Though, I never really stop designing. I have been preparing submissions, contemplating an ebook and fielding requests from my kids to “design” something for them. So, it all got me thinking about perhaps an ebook for the family, a nice variety of patterns, male, female and child. It’s all just an idea at this point because I do have some other things that I will have to work on over the next few weeks.

I took this week to work on and/or finish things that have been patiently waiting for me. I finished my Macro Lace Cardigan, which has been in the works since March. I had to set it aside during the summer, it was just too warm! It looks great but needs a block. I also finished up my Mal-Traveler scarf. That also needs a block. I knit my little model another sweater. This time I chose the Term Time vest. It knits up really quick! I have also been working on my mom’s sweater which has been in the works for a while, but keeps getting set aside. Oops, maybe I’ll finish it by Christmas!

Here is a look at the Term Time vest.

Cute, huh???