Stripes and Solids-New Pattern!

I am so excited to show you this shawl! I’ve had the idea for k for a while, now, just not the time to put my plan into action. I had hit a bit of a creative numbness sometime in April and needed a break from the sweater I was working on (it is still on break, actually) and wanted to go in a completely different direction, so I chose this project. If you’ve seen my past work, you know I have a thing for stripes and I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of garter stitch.



Well, I combined those two loves in this shawl. I also combined my love of unusual construction. The striped section is formed first with loops for picking up stitches easily. Then the solid section opposite is worked. Lastly, the top border is worked.



There is a funny little story behind this shawl, too. As I said, I’ve had the plan for this shawl for a while and had picked out the colors in early March. I’ve mentioned before that I am a big hockey fan, right? One of my teams, the LA Kings, made the playoffs this year (we won’t talk about my East team…)Well, I started this in April during their series with the Sharks. Can you believe it took me until game 6 to realize these were Sharks colors? I think I was on auto-mode. I must have zoned out completely! I just knit and watched the games (and probably cried after the first 3). We had a rough start to that series…I finished this shawl right around Game 6. Then, we closed out the series. I did play around with naming it Sharkskin, but I thought maybe no but me would get it. Now, we are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals! Go Kings Go!



This hockey discussion brings about a certain point, though. Colors! Three colors makes it really fun to pick out combinations. As you can see, even “team” colors will work wonderfully. I’m kind of wanting to knit another with neutrals and neons.  The combinations are literally endless and it could be fun to do your stripes in a bunch of different colors, say you have any mini skeins laying around and aren’t sure what to do with them. I know I’ve mentioned the yarn I used before, Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock. It is one of my absolute favorites for just about everything. And Dani does absolutely FABULOUS colors. Stop by her shop here and check it out. I believe she is going to do an update and have some kits available for this.



Since you made it through this big long post, I can let you in on a “deal” for this pattern and since the Kings are currently playing for the cup, I will have this 25% off using the code GOKINGSGO at checkout until the cup finals are over. Now, that could be 2 games or 5 games!