Dr. Knitlove: How I learned to stop procrastinating and KNIT THE SLEEVE.

I am a notorious sleeve hater. I was looking through my patterns last week and I decided that I knit and design a lot of long sleeved items for someone who dislikes sleeves so much. So, it isn’t so much that I don’t like sleeves, I just don’t like knitting them. Last week, I had finished 4 items, almost. They all needed sleeves. I had to get over it and I had to finish ALL THE SLEEVES.I did find a variety of ways to procrastinate before I finished them, though. Such as,

1. I made a chocolate pie, from scratch. Actually, I first bought a cookbook, paged through it and found a pie to make, and then made the pie.

2. Played Word Hero on my Kindle.

3. Looked for birthday presents for my 20 year old even though I know realistically that I am just giving him cash.

4. I searched for, bought, and started reading a new book on my Kindle.

5. Ravelry (enough said.)

6. Yarn shopping. To be more accurate, I found a pattern to knit my mother for her birthday in April. Then I researched yarn for the sweater, made a list of colors, researched shops these were available at, and then purchased said yarn.

7. I knit my son a Foxy hat.

8. Researched nail polish. I don’t even paint my nails. But, you know…someday, I might.


These are just a few things that I did. I finally decided that I needed to do it. I needed to bite the bullet. I needed to get it done already. I put the laptop away, I logged off the desktop, and I put my Kindle away. For hours and hours on end. I knit and knit and knit the sleeves. I took breaks for only the necessities of life like food, tea, sleeping, the bathroom, my teenage taxi service, and toddler cuddles. I emerged from my sleeve knitting marathon in just around 3 days total. Half the sleeves were Aran weight, so I guess that helped.  

So, what is my point here? I am really good at procrastinating. Oh, and when I reach that “point’ I can, get it done. I leave you with this picture of one of the sweaters. I may not “love” the sleeves, but I can “knit” them.


New Pattern: Carrock Cowl

My first official design of the year, the Carrock Cowl. While I was designing this and knitting up the sample. I couldn’t help but think of Tolkien. Since The Hobbit¬†movie was releasing at nearly the same time I was working on this, the association was probably planted in my head by my desire to see the movie. The Carrock, in Tolkien Lore, is a stony eyot (small island) in the upper reaches of the River Anduin. The name Carrock was a bit of a joke by Tolkien as the word car¬†in Anglo-Saxon means “rock”.



The yarn is Malabrigo Rastita, a new DK weight from Malabrigo Yarns. This stuff is quite lovely. It is so soft and lofty. These cables are wonderful. It is a single ply yarn and like it’s “big” sister Rasta, slightly felted. The colorway that I used is Plomo. I think this colorway also played a part in the patterns naming. Rocks may seem boring to some, but I’ve always thought that the tones in different types of rock were very interesting and held a lot of depth. This yarn is the same way. It has so many tones and they just all blend so wonderfully together. Though, this did make it a tad bit difficult to photograph. You can see in my photos that when we changed light, the color changed too!



I just love the cabled texture. I’ve had this idea for a while and was waiting for the perfect yarn. I think I found it!



The pattern has written and charted directions. So, if you like one or the other, you are covered. I hope you have enjoyed the look at my newest pattern. It certainly was a joy to knit up!

Do you see that charcoal-ish color sweater underneath the cowl? That’s a new sweater design I am working on! I am absolutely in love with it and I hope you will all like it too. It (and another couple designs I’m working on) actually sparked an idea for another blog post next week on sleeves. I hope you will stop by and check that out too!