I need a New Year’s resolution!

Or a Christmas intervention. I am sorry readers. I am not ignoring you. I’ve just been buried in Christmas! With the baking and crafting(none of knitting either!!) and obligations. I have also been busy at work on designing. I can’t show it to you yet as I might just try and get some of it published. But, I am hoping to self publish some of it. I can tell you that I have rediscovered my love for Malabrigo Silky Merino. YUM! It’s like butter!

So, yes. I have decided on a a few New Year’s resolutions. I do actually try to complete these. It was a New Year’s resolution many years ago that actually led me to knitting. I had vowed to learn how to knit and learn to knit, I did. Best resolution EVER! This year, I feel I need to set some lofty goals as well. First and second, I am going to try to blog at least once a week and eat healthier. I have really been slacking on both these items lately. I used to be a very healthy eater, but then I moved back to North Dakota. I don’t know what happened, but I got lazy cooking. Of course, we added a new member of the family and my tweens became teens and now I feel like a taxi driver. Time has become pinched and so my cooking has reflected it. I need to get back to eating yummy home cooked food more often. Lunch time for me, is the worst. I hate making lunches. So, my bf just picks something up when he comes home. Talk about a waste of money and too much fat and calories! I would also like to take some time, if I have some, to learn more crochet. I know only the basics and I think it’s something I should get better at. So, those are my resolutions. What are yours going to be this year? Or do you not make any? Let me know!