A KAL and a snow storm! No, Seriously!

So, I really needed to get a blog post done this week. I thought that I would have a REALLY busy day today. But, then the snow started falling, and…it hasn’t stopped. UGH! My yard was clear of the evil white stuff. But, that is no longer. I will try to dig out the camera later and snap a pic.  My busy day got unbusy pretty fast. The kids are getting a snow day, so there’s no running them around. My grocery store trip got cancelled. My doctor visit, also cancelled. Set up for state speech, cancelled. I don’t even have to make dinner. My day is now open for work. So, I decided to start off with a blog post!

We gave away some green yarn on Monday. Momofpeg from ravelry won the green yarn! Yay! We had a fun thread going, discussing our favorite colors and yarn lines here.

Monday also kicked off the Momo KAL ! If you want to knit Momo or already are knitting it, stop by and chat along with us. We have no real time frame, we’re gonna take it easy and go at our own paces. I am planning on knitting yet another in a summery material for my daughter. But, I have a lot of “work” knitting to do. I have approximately 6 designs in some sort of progress at the moment. So, I am sure to be very busy and will be in search of test knitters soon. So stop by and say hi!

Green Yarn Giveaway!

Oooh, I have a lot to post about today. Now, I had promised one more giveaway in March. But, it didn’t happen. I had every intention of doing it. But, I had a horrible week last week. First off, I fell while bringing my mail in and severely sprained my ankle. We finally got x-rays and nothing is showing up broken, but I am still swollen and sore and very very bruised. Then, while backing up my files, my computer just decided to bite the dust. It had been a while since we backed up, so we LOST a lot. I doubt we will let that happen again. Amongst those things that got lost was a shawl pattern that I was almost ready to hand to testers. By some sort of lucky twist, I had at least printed out the charts I spent so much time on. So, I don’t have to start from scratch there, at least. I haven’t put the pattern back together yet. I am waiting for some wave of ambition to come over me, but it hasn’t yet. Luckily, submissions that were due April 1st, and some patterns that were due for some publications, were already emailed and therefore, I could retrieve them in my email. THANK GOODNESS for that! So, then as if all that wasn’t enough, I got some sort of two day stomach flu. Now, it might have been the pain meds, but my ickyness persisted long after I was done taking them, so who knows…

So, in order to move on from this disaster of a week, I decided to have a giveaway! I am declaring this the “Green Yarn Giveaway”. Why? well because green is my favorite color and my favorite college hockey team, UND Fighting Sioux(I will NOT go into the name controversy here on my blog!!!), have made it to the Frozen Four!!! UND!!! WOOOOHOOO! Yes, I am an AVID ice hockey fan. I like both college and pro(Go SABRES!!!). So, the green thing seemed to fit perfectly even though it’s not March anymore.  Ok, so first off, what I have is 2 skeins of gorgeous green hand dyed yarn that I bought of etsy from underneathanowl . They have no tags, but are 200 yards each of Merino Worsted wt yarn.

This picture is as close as I got to “the” color. It was a very hard colorway to capture. But, they are very pretty. Now to win it, you must post in the thread titled “Green Yarn Giveaway” in my group on Ravelry here . There will be a request in that thread for you to tell me something. Make sure you do that, so that I can enter you! There will be possible another giveaway depending on how my hockey team plays this week. The deadline for entering this contest will be Next Monday at 12 noon central standard time.

Now, the other thing I have to post about…Perhaps you have seen this around? or perhaps not? Cooperative Press has a huge series of books coming out soon. Yes, I said SERIES!!!And I am happy to let you know that I am a part of this series of books. Well,  Cooperative Press is kicking off a Kickstarter campaign during the month of April to get the books out faster! This is so exciting! You can check out Kickstarter FAQ here if you don’t know what Kickstarter is. Backers(people who donate to the cause) have some GREAT incentives. For just a 10$ donation you can get The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design pdf! There are many more options available here.  You can donate as little as a dollar. Every little bit helps! This is such a great way to help out indie publishing! Make sure to watch the video, the photographs look great and the designs look amazing! I can’t wait to see them. My design has not been photo’d yet. But, I can tell you that it is a cardigan for little boys done in Squoosh Fiberarts Ultra DK! I can’t wait for you to see it!