Pom Poms

Since I have two hats now with pom poms, I figured I should post a short little pom pom tutorial for making poms without a  pom maker.

(You can click the pictures to enlarge to see the detail better)

1. Take two fingers and begin to wind the yarn around them.

2. Don’t wind too tightly. Wrap the yarn about 100 times around your two fingers(canuse 3 or 4 fingers for larger poms).

3. Take a 12-inch piece of yarn and thread a darning needle with it. Run the needlethrough your fingers closer to your hand (the bottom).

4. Bring it back up and between the same two fingers at the “top”.  Tie the two ends together and tighten as tight as you can. Leave these long so that you can use them to attach the pom to your project.

5. Remove or “slide” the bundle off your fingers.

6. Cut the loops and fluff out the ball.

7. Smash the ball flat, then trim. Fluff, smash, and trim. Repeat until you are satisfiedwith how your pom pom looks.

8. Finished pom. Attach to your project with the string you kept long.


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