13 days ago???

Really, the last time I posted was 13 days ago? Wow! Ok, I have made up my mind that I am just going to have to take more time for blogging. It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging, I do. It’s nice to throw up pictures of things that I am working on or show you pictures of yarn I have purchased. Yarns I have purchased…yeah there’s been a lot of that going on.

My dear dear boyfriend bought me a new plastic storage container at the beginning of March. He told me that he thought I could probably use it for my yarn. Oh, he knows me so well. Long story short, it’s practically full already and I have at least 10 skeins of yarn still in transit. Included in some of that yarn yumminess are 6 skeins of Madelinetosh Vintage in the graphite colorway. I am really looking forward to seeing, touching, snuggling that. I really should put that on my “Yarns to try in 2010 list”.

Speaking of my “list”, I haven’t gotten very far in trying out the yarns on my list. I have acquired many of them, but  haven’t been knitting with them yet. Hopefully, I’ll get to that soon. I did wind up my Spud and Chloe Sweater (splash) and knit a small swatch with it. But, that’s as far as I got with that. I may go back to it this week. I have a hat idea that might be pretty cute in a good cotton/wool combo.

Moving along, I’d love to show you the things I am working on. But, I can’t quite yet. One of them is something that has been submitted for publication and I haven’t heard back on it’s status. If it gets rejected, I will let you know asap. The other thing I am working on is another baby hat design. I am almost done with prototype #1 and I already know 3 or 4 changes that I am going to make in it’s construction. So, perhaps next post I’ll have something to show you. If it works out right it will be SO CUTE! I have a WIP sweater that is starting to get to me(Macro Lace Cardigan by Laura Chau). I started it at the beginning of the month and I’ve gotten NOWHERE on it as I keep starting up new design projects and putting it aside. It’s not something that I can work on when the baby is awake so it might take a while to get done.

I can’t leave you pictureless for this post. So, a finished  object and a stash enhancement will have to do for now.

Etesian Mitts

Malabrigo Worsted Periwinkle

I am just so busy!!!

Really, I am not kidding. I wish I could add 4 hours onto the day so that I could get everything done. I am getting some things done, though. I am expecting the release of my newest hat this week.


I call it the Phoebe Hat. I am going to have to make another to keep as a sample because I wear the one in this picture ALL the time. Seriously, I LOVE it. It has gotten great reviews from testers too. It is currently with a tech editor and should be out this week. I can’t wait to bring it to you!

I am so excited for another reason. On Saturday, I finally got out of town. It’s been since August that I have really gotten anywhere to do anything. I even got to go to a yarn shop in Fargo, ND. It’s called Prairie Yarns. I went to yarn shops all the time in Idaho, when I lived there. But, I had no idea there were shops in Fargo. Sometime, I will have to make it to Boucle ( a shop in Fargo). I can’t wait to get back to Prairie Yarns. I will probably get a big set of 12 inch Hiya Hiya needles in all sizes ( I have size 6 and 9). I LOVE them.

I will leave you with a couple of my recent stash enhancements (ooof, lol).

Sanguine Gryphon Bugga- Sooty Dancer

Malabrigo Silky Merino-Cape Cod Gray

Not enough hours in the day…

I am not kidding. I really do not have enough hours in the day. I have many stash enhancements that I would like to show you. However, I have not even had time to take pictures of them all. Just a short post today. I hope to be able to post more later this week.  But, I am still busy trying to figure out what I should knit for Malabrigo March 2010. I have cast on my Macro Lace Cardigan in the seemingly rare Christmas Green colorway.  I am enjoying it, but it is something that I cannot work on while my baby is awake. He is just far too busy. I need some mindless stockinette (just not in lace weight).  I am going to make a hat for the baby out of some scraps, I just need to figure out the color combination. Beyond that, I just don’t know. Maybe a Ripley or some Susie’s reading mitts. Eeesh, I might design some more stuff too.