To Blog or Not to Blog

That is the question! It has been a question that I have been asking myself for quite some time. Why Blog? I guess my answer is: Why not?  So, what makes me so darned interesting? Why will you the reader want to stop by and read me? Well, first off, if you are a knitter, you might find something of interest here. I will blog about my trials and my projects. I will hold nothing back. If I mess up, you will hear about it. If I succeed, you will hear about that too. I think we knitters all need someone to relate to on that level. We all screw up, but I think we all make something beautiful in the end and if we don’t, we can laugh at it (and you can laugh at/with me) because really what else is there to do at that point?

Secondly, I am a yarn addict. So, if you are a yarn addict, we have something in common. This is especially true if you partake in what I like to call, “MalLove”.  MalLove is a particular brand of yarn addiction concerning the brand Malabrigo. I can’t. get. enough. If you haven’t discovered MalLove, well, I can only hope for the best for you. I hope that you someday, stumble upon this brand of wonderous lusciousness. Now, Malabrigo is not all that I knit with. I do knit with other brands and there are some yummy yarns out there. I will talk about those too.

Thirdly, and this has nothing to do with knitting, I like to sew. The funny thing about that is that I haven’t sewn in a while, so I am sort of getting back into it. This plays tricks with my mind because I have a hard time deciding which craft to devote my limited amount of time to knitting or sewing. But, there are some things that I just cannot knit! So, there you go. I sew too.

Lastly, I am a budding designer. I am attempting to write knitting patterns. I have my second baby hat pattern in the works. The ideas flow out of my brain faster than I can capture them and that is sometimes a problem. You will hear about that. It can be frustrating sometimes. Being creative is not easy.

I would like now, to thank you for stopping by. Also, to let you know that I am on Ravelry( you know Ravelry, don’t you??).  On there, I am ninja8tofu. You can find me wherever the Malabrigo is.