In Which I Tell You More…

about my new pattern! Yes, another new pattern. Phew! I am so happy to get these last two out into the wild. Today is all about ZOMBIES! My new pattern is called, Zombie Teeth. Why? Well, I’ll try to explain it.

Zombie Teeth is a sideways knit shawl. It is knit up in Wollmeise Twin in the colorway Amazonas. Amazonas is a lovely variegated green, blue/green/brownish red colored. I had been looking for the right project for it for ages. Those darn variegated yarns catch my eye every. single. time. I have such a hard time passing them by. I literally hunted down this colorway. I know that sounds sort of odd, but it’s true. I even had friends that were “on the lookout” for me. Finally, one of my friends spotted one in a destash and worked out a three way trade! No kidding. Once I got it though, I didn’t know what to make it into.

I didn’t want to do socks. I don’t know, sometimes I am sock obsessed and other times, not so much. I had hit a “not so much” phase. So, I turned to my trusty garter stitch and thought how I would like a lace edge and then thought about how I should add short rows. I literally swatched and swatched until I got the combination that I liked. Yeah! Great…so, Zombies?

Well, so, as some of you know. I love movies. As much as I love movies, I am not much on the horror genre. I’ll watch, but meh…except for Zombies. I flippin’ love zombies. I always have. I still remember watching Night of the Living Dead when I was very very little and loving it. Though, I thought they should move faster. The entire time I knit this shawlette all I could think about was zombies. I don’t know why, but I dreamed zombies! They were everywhere. I flew through this sample. Literally, it flew off my needles like a zombie from the Dawn of the Dead remake. Wildly variegated, hungry to be worn! If I can get it out of my daughter’s hands once in a while…

I honestly think the name came from the colors. It’s just so green and this particular shade of green lends itself to that sort of sickly zombie look (and I mean that in a good way). On top of it all, it has a sort of brownish red in it, like dried blood. Ewwwww, I know. Except that it looks really cool! Oh yeah, and the lace part. The lace part is made by casting on stitches and some lacey tricks at the one end of the shawl. It mades very distinct looking teeth. So, there you go. That is how it got it’s name. Combine all this that I just blathered on about with my very odd sense of humor. The irony is fun. It’s a gorgeous knit and wears beautifully but is name something odd, if not, grotesque. Certainly, not what one would expect when hearing, Zombie Teeth!

I had to throw this last picture in. I had an idea for a fun photo shoot with actual zombies, in a junk yard, total zombie apocalypse and my daughter nixed the idea. She didn’t want to be dirty and sweaty lol. So we did this instead.