New Pattern: Chevron Mitts

It is going to be a busy season for me as far as pattern releases go. Today, I have some fingerless mitts for you. Chevron Mitts are a take on my Chevrons Pullover. I really fell in love with this graphic when I made that sweater for Knitpicks.


I have a real “love, love” relationship with fingerless mitts. I am a tactile person, but I also tend to run a little cold. These always seem to work as a good compromise for me from Fall to Spring.


I again went to one of my favorite yarns when designing these, Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock. It is just absolutely perfect for colorwork. I know I’ve probably said that 100 times. The mitt pattern comes with two sizes and uses relatively little yarn. The colorwork section is perfect for minis or scraps. The main color used less than 50g. In fact, I used leftovers from another project to make these!

To make things even more fun, I hear that in a Sunshine Yarns update on Friday, there will be kits! How exciting. I will update this post when I find out the exact time. Even more fun, this pattern is on sale with the code CHEVRONS at checkout  on Ravelry through Saturday.

Stripes and Solids-New Pattern!

I am so excited to show you this shawl! I’ve had the idea for k for a while, now, just not the time to put my plan into action. I had hit a bit of a creative numbness sometime in April and needed a break from the sweater I was working on (it is still on break, actually) and wanted to go in a completely different direction, so I chose this project. If you’ve seen my past work, you know I have a thing for stripes and I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of garter stitch.



Well, I combined those two loves in this shawl. I also combined my love of unusual construction. The striped section is formed first with loops for picking up stitches easily. Then the solid section opposite is worked. Lastly, the top border is worked.



There is a funny little story behind this shawl, too. As I said, I’ve had the plan for this shawl for a while and had picked out the colors in early March. I’ve mentioned before that I am a big hockey fan, right? One of my teams, the LA Kings, made the playoffs this year (we won’t talk about my East team…)Well, I started this in April during their series with the Sharks. Can you believe it took me until game 6 to realize these were Sharks colors? I think I was on auto-mode. I must have zoned out completely! I just knit and watched the games (and probably cried after the first 3). We had a rough start to that series…I finished this shawl right around Game 6. Then, we closed out the series. I did play around with naming it Sharkskin, but I thought maybe no but me would get it. Now, we are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals! Go Kings Go!



This hockey discussion brings about a certain point, though. Colors! Three colors makes it really fun to pick out combinations. As you can see, even “team” colors will work wonderfully. I’m kind of wanting to knit another with neutrals and neons.  The combinations are literally endless and it could be fun to do your stripes in a bunch of different colors, say you have any mini skeins laying around and aren’t sure what to do with them. I know I’ve mentioned the yarn I used before, Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock. It is one of my absolute favorites for just about everything. And Dani does absolutely FABULOUS colors. Stop by her shop here and check it out. I believe she is going to do an update and have some kits available for this.



Since you made it through this big long post, I can let you in on a “deal” for this pattern and since the Kings are currently playing for the cup, I will have this 25% off using the code GOKINGSGO at checkout until the cup finals are over. Now, that could be 2 games or 5 games!


Farewell to Frost, Maybe?

Spring has been a long time coming. No really, up here, in North Dakota, it’s taking it’s sweet time. I can’t remember which day I actually last saw the sunshine. Yesterday, our temp said we made it out of the 40’s, but I’m pretty sure it was lying. The first signal that Spring has arrived is generally that my allergies reappear. Sigh…Spring is a busy time, too. This year, it is especially busy. What has been keeping me busy lately. First of all, I have a graduate this year. You’ve seen her before, she sometimes does some modeling for me.



So, with her growing up and heading off to school in the fall, I decided that I need to find another model. Well, I haven’t found anyone, yet. So, in the meantime. I’ve taken up modeling things myself, which is a whole different challenge considering that I am also the photographer. I learned with this latest pattern, that it is really hard to take pictures of yourself, highlighting the knitwear while also presenting a flattering picture of one’s self. I may need to train my 5 year old to run the camera (just kidding!!!).

Second, and this may seem funny to some, but playoff hockey is also keeping me very busy. No, don’t laugh…ok laugh if you want. I love hockey and while one of my favorite teams did not even come close to making the playoffs. In fact, they have the second pick in the draft(cough…Buffalo…cough), my other team is keeping me on the edge of my seat. GO KINGS GO!

So, yes, another thing keeping me busy: designing. I have several works in progress, one of them, this new lightweight cowl, Farewell to Frost.



Farewell to Frost is a tubular cow, meaning it is knit it a tube and then joined with grafting at the end of the knitting. It is knit up in the very lovely Sunshine Yarns BFL Silk lace. I’ve been wearing it a lot. It comes in very handy when you just need a little something to keep the chill away (even AC chill).

cowl4The cowl pattern is open to modification. You could knit it at a different gauge, maybe try fingering weight. You could add length, or subtract it and the stitch pattern is easy to expand for a wider cowl if one wanted. Texture is provided by lace and variations between garter and stockinette. It is wonderfully soft and lightweight.



From now through Wednesday, the 15th you can get the pattern at it’s introductory price of 30% off with the coupon code BYEBYEFROST  at checkout. Just add, Farewell to Frost to your cart and use the coupon code in the appropriate area. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you around soon.



New Pattern: Backup Goalie


I have a new pattern to show you. I’ve called it Backup Goalie. I am so excited about this one! I actually started this hat last spring, but had put it on hold for a bit so that I could finish some contract work. I figured releasing a “hockey” themed hat in June, probably wasn’t the best idea. I guess it isn’t really “hockey” themed aside from the colors, but I call it “hockey” themed due to the fact that its inspiration comes from the backup goalie. I remember when I was younger, I would catch a glimpse of the backup goalie sitting on the bench, usually hatless or with a baseball cap on and I would think to myself that their heads looked cold. Seriously, that’s what I thought. It stuck with  me. What can I say?

The pattern is a colorwork pattern that starts with 1×1 ribbing. The body has a chevron-ish colorwork pattern, which works it’s way to the crown which is done in a star pattern. The crown was really fun to design.


The hat pattern includes instructions and charts for 2 weights: fingering and worsted. The worsted hat only has one size, but the fingering hat includes a Medium size. If one is comfortable playing around with pattern repeats and gauge, it is possible to come up with several different sizes.


The yarn. Oh, the yarn. Both the fingering weight and worsted weight hats use a yarn I call a favorite. First of all, the fingering weight hat uses Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock. It’s a nice plump sock yarn that just knits up gorgeously in colorwork. The worsted weight hat is done up in the bouncy, cushy, Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted.  The fingering weight hat is knit at a looser gauge and that makes the hat a bit more slouchy. One could also use a sportweight yarn at this weight for something a bit less slouchy or if they have trouble getting fingering weight to work at the stated gauge.


The black and gray versions (Los Angeles Kings’ colors) have been adopted by me as they match my winter coat. My daughter has taken the blue and gold version (Buffalo Sabres’ colors). They have been worn almost non-stop since finishing. The weather here has been a little on the cruel side. One day it’s 80, the next it’s 30. There may have been a few 70’s in between, but not many!

I almost forgot to mention! For the first 3 days of it’s release, I am offering the pattern at 1.00 off! So, until midnight on the 26th, Backup Goalie will be $1.00 with the code BACKUP13 at checkout.

New Ebook! Pigwidgeon Hat and Mitts

Oh, I am so excited to release this lovely pair of patterns. They may  be my favorites yet, The Pigwidgeon Hat and Mitts. They are available individually or as a pair!

As soon as I finished the Pigwidgeon Sweater, I knew I wanted to do at least a hat. Then, I decided I also wanted mitts. I thought it would be a great set of projects for someone who loves the owls, but doesn’t want to knit a whole fingering weight sweater for a child.

The hat comes in three sizes: Infant(approx 3-6m), Toddler, and Adult. More sizes could surely be had if one is comfortable with adjusting the gauge a little. Also, if you look at the gauge on the pattern page, it may seem a bit loose for the weight. The yarn used is a plump fingering weight and can handle this gauge no problem. If one wanted a tighter fabric, a sport weight could definitely be used at the same gauge.

I sort of chuckle a little when I see these pictures with all the snow. We had snow for 3 days, then it all melted and we are currently pretty much snow-less around here.

I adore the mittens as much as I adore the hat. Even though there are two to complete, I’ve always found that mittens knit up pretty quickly for me. I love the pattern on the back of the mittens, as well as the front. This pattern comes with instructions for 6 sizes: Child 2, Child 4, Child 6, Women’s Small, Women’s Medium, and Women’s Large.  Phew, that was a lot of charting! Essentially, nearly the whole family could be decked out in owl-y mittens.

Well, thanks for stopping by and checking out my newest pair of patterns! I hope you enjoyed them. Please stop by their Ravelry pattern page and give them some love!

New Pattern: Migration

Hello! I’ve been neglectful again. I have good reason, though. November is a huge month for me! Today, I am releasing the second of my 4 patterns due to come out this month!

Migration is a girls’ cardigan sized from 6m to size 10.

This pattern is a top down raglan, with “0” cable and garter details. It has a slight A line shape. Buttons are worked the depth of the raglan on the sample, but could be worked the entire length if one wanted.

The cable and garter detail on the front is repeated on the back, as well. The shifting cables creates a garter expanse between the center of the cables on both the back and front which flows into the the garter edging. The pattern draws it’s name from the shifting of these cables as they form a “v” reminiscent of a flock of migratory birds.

Being that this cardigan is top down and garter edged, there is really minimal finishing. You weave in the ends, add buttons, and block. No picking up stitches, no collar to make, no hem to fold.

The yarn! I nearly forgot to mention the yarn. Migration is knit up in Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport. What a wonderful sport weight yarn. It is so wonderfully soft and has amazing stitch definition. The cables and garter really pop!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out this new pattern. I will be posting again soon. My last two patterns this month will be released together next week! I hope to see you then 🙂

FO Friday and a peek at some new stuff!

It’s been a busy week here in Casa de ninja. I have been a chart making fool. The funny thing is, I sort of hate making charts (I do love knitting from them, though). Well, I thought I hated charts until I discovered colorwork. I have fallen in love with colorwork and therefore love colorwork charts. It’s so fun to plot where to put which color and envisioning what something might look like.  This all leads into my FO for this week (actually, I have two).  The companion to my Pigwidgeon sweater, Pigwidgeon Hat.

Now, this is a bit of a tangent, but, normally, I edit my pictures in Photoshop. However, I was not on the desktop, so I hopped over to Picmonkey and messed around with it a bit. I had no idea they had fun Halloween stuff out. It can all get a bit cheesy, but fun to mess around with.  Anyways, this is my quick and dirty pic of my latest finished object and a design that will be released (in 3 sizes) sometime soon! I’m also working on some mittens, too. So, keep an eye out for those, as well.

The second finished object that I have for you is a little girl’s sweater. I will only flash a teaser pic of this on the blog today, but if you really want to see the project, you can head here. It is, as of yet, un-named.

Doesn’t that look fun? Trust me, it is! I loved creating it. It is knit up in Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport, which is absolutely fabulous and post blocking is incredibly soft. Yet, it’s superwash, which is always handy.

Well that’s pretty much all I have this week. Just a reminder, there is only 3 DAYS left to use the coupon code STOCKPILE2012 at checkout on any of the single patterns (just not the ebook) in my Ravelry store for 20% off.

New Pattern, Pigwidgeon!

Oh yes, you’ve heard me lament over the hot weather delaying my photo shoot. You have seen a photo after I finally got cooperating weather. Now, you get all the info! Today is release date for Pigwidgeon. I had so much fun designing and then knitting this one up. I think I have mentioned on here (maybe not), I am obsessed with colorwork right now. Like, I want to knit it…all the time.

So, I was thinking about a top down, in the round jumper for little kiddies and then I was thinking…hmmm, owls. I love spunky little owls. So, I charted a spunky owl, swatched him about a 100 times, and then designed the sweater and the rest is history. The motif, just seemed to scream PIGWIDGEON. So, I started calling my project Pigwidgeon and then it just stuck. I felt that I couldn’t name it anything else.

The color possibilities are so completely endless on this. I chose a fall color palette. Though, I can see this in a wide variety of colors. The contrast colors use partials and could probably use up scraps in the stash. The yarn used in the sample is Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock and it is absolutely fabulous. It worked wonderfully for colorwork. It is such a pleasure to knit with and it blocks to an absolutely gorgeous fabric. I linked the website for a reason. Go! Run! Order! You’ll love it! I mean it! Ok, enough exclamation points.

Yes, he does look cool doesn’t he. It took several cookie bribes to get him to stand still, but he finally complied.  Now, keep in mind the color combos possible. I just happened to have a boy sitting around to model. As a unisex sweater, a girl could totally rock this look too.


There are short rows to raise up the neck just a bit. Worked top down, this is sweater really is minimalist on the finishing. It is so nice sometimes, to finish a sweater and no have anything else to do!


And here is the money shot! He even smiled and looked at the camera, at the same time!


Don’t let colorwork intimidate you. I used to think it was too hard. Obviously, I was wrong. When doing the colorwork sections, I use the Philosopher’s Two-handed method. Though, you can do it one hand at a time, it just takes a little longer but is still fun!


Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget about the KAL. It starts October 1st in my group. This pattern also qualifies for the sale too. Remember to use code: STOCKPILE2012 at checkout to get the 20% discount.



Can I get a cool day please?

It may just be me, but it seems like this summer has been warmer than usual. I am not a big summer person anyways, so I tend to focus on the “hot”. I have been needing to do a photoshoot for my next design for, oh…the last 3 weeks or so. However, I haven’t been able to find a “reasonable” day to put a toddler in a wool jumper and take pictures.

Now, I could set up indoors to do it. But, the sweater is animal themed, so I think the outdoors may be necessary. Here, I’ll show you:

Yes, it’s screaming woodsy! It’s knit in fingering weight (Sunshine Classic Sock, YUM!). Now, I know…You say, “you live in North Dakota, isn’t it cold year round there?” Believe it or not, people have said that to me before. Nope, it’s not cool year round. Today is projected to be around 90 and tomorrow 95. I keep saying, “maybe next week will be better.” I can only chuckle because so far, that has not worked out for me. I am definitely a “fall” kind of person.  I’m not a fan of extremes whether they be too hot or too cold. I say to myself again, “maybe next week.”

Be sure to keep stopping by. Aside from my Malabrigo collection, I mostly took the summer off. I am diving headfirst back into things. I concentrate much better when the kids are in school. It’s almost not even comparable. I have a new women’s sweater design coming soon and some new accessories for the cold months that are inevitably coming!