Hello Hello!

Well, I have completed my New Year’s resolution. I knit a pair of socks and I loved every minute of it. Now, they aren’t perfect. I made a few mistakes, I fixed most of the them though. Just, note to self, no more toes when watching the Sopranos. It’s a bad idea. This was a pretty basic pattern. Even the toes were a piece of cake! I knit them up in Knit Picks Felici in the Green Veggies colorway. I will block them and have a picture for you next post. I literally just finished the toe.

I have a new pattern coming out very soon. It is for a girl this time. It is my very first girl cardigan pattern and I am just absolutely smitten with it. I used the same model that I used for the Maggie hat. She is just so adorable. I will give you a sneak peek here. I am hoping it will be up next week, I will surely let you know!