Teddy Sweater KAL

I am so excited to bring this sweater to you. I have had this idea for a while, but only recently had time to fit it into my schedule. I wished I had done it sooner as it has immediately become one of my favorites.  Teddy Sweater is a unisex top down raglan pullover worked up at a DK weight with the added cuteness of a teddy bear face on the front “kangeroo” pocket. The pattern size runs from 3months to size 6.


Teddy Sweater- shown in 12 months size

Teddy Sweater is knit up in Malabrigo Arroyo, which creates a beautiful fabric at DK gauge. A perfect transitional garment for your little one.


Now, to celebrate how excited I am about this pattern, I decided to do a KAL in my group on Ravelry. The pattern is up for sale, but the KAL will begin on Monday to give everyone a chance to enjoy the holida weekend and get yarn together. The KAL will run through May 6th.

A funny little story about this pattern. When I initially sketched and swatched this, my 5 year old son was not even the least bit interested. So, I knit the sample in another size and moved on. When he saw it finished, he told me he wanted one, now. He wanted it red, with a black bear pocket. So, I will be knitting his during the KAL…not that I will finish as I have about 20 things on the needles, but I will try!  I hope you will stop by and knit with us. It should be fun. There will be some random pattern giveaways and a few prizes for participants, too.

New Pattern: Go Kings Go!

Now, I know I told you that I was going to try and share things other than new patterns on here. And I will, I swear. I have just been so busy and I have just spent the last month in what I like to call, “Sickland.” Actually, I have a more colorful name for it, but this seems uh…less offensive.

Now, I had planned to release this pattern over a month ago. Test knitting went kind of slow and then I got sick and needed to do photos for it, but I was not really camera presentable to put it nicely.

Ok, enough…I am really happy with this gorgeous cardigan. Go Kings Go! is “hockey” related and by now, it is probably pretty evident that I love hockey. Some time ago, I put out a pattern called Go Buffalo, in homage to one of my two favorite hockey teams. It was a top down, striped raglan cardigan for kids done in Buffalo Sabres blue and gold.
Buffalofront2-2_medium2I got a lot of feedback shortly after releasing that indicated that people would like a grown up version. Well, I didn’t have the time right away. So, I set it aside until I was ready to upsize some of my popular kids patterns. I found a window of time this fall for this one. I knew though, that I could not wear blue and gold, so I chose my other hockey team for inspiration, my beloved Los Angeles Kings!


It is almost exactly like it’s child counterpart. A v-neck raglan cardigan with stripes. It does have some added slight waist shaping, which could be omitted.



When it came to yarn choices, there were plenty to pick from, but I decided that I wanted something from Miss Babbs. I have used her yarns in the past (strangely enough all for sweaters for my Mom), and I had fallen in love with each, especially with her Yowza Whatta Skein. The colors are gorgeous. It knits up beautifully and it’s superwash. Also, it holds up impressively.



I maybe glossed over the color part in that last paragraph. I shouldn’t. The color is beautiful. I mean, I know what you are thinking, “black and gray…blahh how can that be gorgeous.” But really, these colors just shine. They have depth and are really stunning in person. I am not sure I captured them as well in these pictures. At any rate, it is perfect for this cardigan and you should really check out her stunning yarns on her website here.



My Kings had gone on a lovely 8 game winning streak, unfortunately, they followed that with a 3 game losing streak. So, until they win their next game, I am offering 30%, no coupon code needed. Now, they could win tonight…later this week…etc. So, this sale could be over at any time. Hopefully, it will be over tonight. I mean, I love a sale, sure, but I want them to win. Also, until March 10th, the rest of my patterns are on sale to celebrate Malabrigo March when you use the code MALMARCH15 at checkout.

I will be doing a blog post next week. Hopefully, I will have a little fun to share including the next KAL which will be for the kids!


Malabrigo Quickies and a quick review!

These past two months have been so very busy. I released 4 patterns in December! Well, I am not done yet. The next few weeks will bring even more releases!

First, a review. Last week, I released two hat patterns, but I was so ridiculously busy that I didn’t get a blog post up for them. First, we have a nice quick colorwork hat. Knit up in Malabrigo Worsted, this hat is super quick.


Snowy Night is a two color snowflake pattern. You can knit it to fold over the rib or not. It is super warm and cozy when knit up in the called for yarn. I used Bobby Blue and Natural. You can find the pattern here.

Second, we have a fingering weight hat done up in Rain City Knits Organic Merino Fingering called Fishbones. Bright, fun colors contrasted by the dark background colors anda feature of this pattern.


It’s a fun slouchy hat to add a little color to the doldrums of winter! It can be found here.

Last, but not least,my latest pattern, Iker. Before you ask, you say it like: Eeker. This pattern is a fun scarf done up in garter stitch and short rows. It is fun to watch it take shape!


Iker is also a Malabrigo Quickies pattern. Brought to you with support from Malabrigo, quickies are patterns that take 2 or less skeins of yarn. In this case, Malabrigo Sock.


I knit my Iker up in Natural and Black.


Nice and long you can wrap it a couple times around for maximum neck warmth.


One last picture. This quickie can be purchased in my shop, here. Use Code Quickie15 and you can get 25% off this pattern, today and tomorrow only.

New Pattern: Hydrophile

I am just rolling them out here, aren’t I? Well, this one has been a long time in the planning. I actually got the yarn for Hydrophile almost 18 months ago! It does not usually take me that long. Shocking, I know. It is one of those things that happens. You start the design and then other things with deadlines get in the way. When I did finally come back to it, it was like a whole new design to me and I was excited to finish it. I am excited to show it to you now!


While I did the sample for Hydrophile, the lovely yarn made me think of water and how much I wanted to be at the beach. In fact, most of this sample was knit while sitting on the beach. So, I chose the name Hydrophile. Hydrophiles are molecules that are attracted to or dissolved by water. I thought it a very fitting name for it.


The cardigan is top down, knit flat. It is almost a shrug, but not quite. The body has some slight shaping and a ruffled bottom edge pays more homage to water echoing the waves hitting the shore. The open front is edged with a garter collar to give textural interest. It hangs beautifully when worn open. The collar is wide enough that you can use a shawl pin to wear it closed.


The cardigan is worked up in Malabrigo Arroyo, which is a favorite of mine. It knits up so beautifully. The colors are so saturated and vibrant. It wears beautifully and is just so soft.

Stockpile and Sale.

Some of you may know that the Malabrigo Junkies group here on Ravelry, runs a KAL every October called October Stockpile. This is a huge event and every year I usually do a coinciding sale for all things Malabrigo. So….

First off, they are spotlighting “Quickie” patterns. Quickie patterns are patterns put out by independent designers in conjunction with Malabrigo ya]rns. They are patterns that specialize in using between 1 or 2 skeins of yarn. My “Quickie” pattern is called The Roseway. It’s a garter stitch shawl, knit on the bias with a scalloped edge and eyelet detail. It’s quite simple, but goes very quickly! Perfect for a quick knit. It will be on sale for 40% with the code Quickie at checkout.



Also on sale, will be all of my other patterns using Malabrigo as a main yarn. These will be 25% off with the code Stockpile14.

Some of these patterns include:
Lime Gelato






Hyde Park Cardigan
The Vintage ice cream Truck Ebook ( these patterns can also be purchased separately)
Little Momo
The Phoebe Hat
Twin Leaves or the Ebook

Please continue to stop by the Ravelry group. I have some fun things planned coming up! Including free pattern giveaways and kit giveaways. I also have some new patterns coming out in the next few weeks.

New Pattern: Lime Gelato

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Phew. I assure you, I’ve been super busy. I know, I always say that, but it’s totally true! Well, better late than never, I have a new pattern for you! Why do I say, “better late than never?” Well, mostly because this sample has been knit up for nearly a year! When I first started the sample, I suddenly got the opportunity to work on some really fun projects (which I hope I can show you soon). I had a lot of knitting to do on those, so I had to set this aside. By the time I finished, it was time to start Fall projects. So, I just finished the sample and figured I would get it tested over the winter and release for spring this year. I think it was the right decision.

Lime Gelato is an open front cardigan knit up in the wonderful Malabrigo Sock yarn. It’s a nice lightweight cardigan perfect for layering in the warmer weather that is hopefully headed our way sometime soon. In the summer, I get really chilled by air conditioning when I go out to eat.


Why the name Lime Gelato? Well, if you’ve been around this blog for a while, you may remember my Limepop Sweater. From that, you might remember that I like lime and I like green. I had been looking at a David’s Tea book and of course, I noticed a tea called Lime Gelato and so I started calling it that and  it just stuck. It had gone nameless for quite a while.

LGback4smallerI took some of my favorite things and combined them in this cardigan. The textured yoke is made with a garter ridge pattern which I really love.  The back has a cable/lace pattern that is delicate, but not too delicate. The collar and hems are all done in squishy garter stitch, which is one of my favorite textures. It might seem like a lot of different elements for one sweater, but it I was very happy with how it turned out. It keeps you interested without becoming “too much”.


Now, since I am hoping Spring is coming soon and I am so excited to release this pattern, I decided to offer Lime Gelato for 30% through the end of day on the 29th. Just add the pattern to your Ravelry cart and check out. No coupon code is needed. 

Honestly, these pictures are really making me long for warm weather. It’s been really cold here this winter and winter seems to be going on forever. I keep looking ahead in the forecast and telling myself that I will “get through” the next week and then it will warm up…I’ve done that for the last 3 weeks! I know! It’s bad everywhere. I just want to go outside and play.

New Year’s Noggin KAL!

I hope everyone has been having a great week. It’s been nice here. It’s even nearly 40 degrees today! I’ve spent the last month or so working on my next KAL! I had done a poll earlier this year  to determine what kind of pattern we should do for the next KAL and it seemed people really wanted to do hats and that they wanted to do them around the new year. So, here we are. I have some new patterns and a KAL to tell you about.


The patterns are up for  “presale” right now. That means that you will receive and info sheet to download when you purchase and the actual pattern will be delivered to you on the evening of January 1st and the KAL will begin on January 2nd. This KAL will run until February 2nd.


As a part of the festivities the patterns will be on sale until January 5th. If you purchase Snowed In or Twin Leaves singularly, they are each $3.50. If you purchase them together in the ebook New Years Noggin KAL it is $5.00. No coupon code is needed for either of these purchases, just use the “Add to cart” method of check out and the sale price should show up automatically.


If that’s not enough incentive, all of my other hat patterns will also be on sale for 20% using the code NOGGINKAL at checkout. You can find those patterns in my shop.

As usual, we will have some prizes and hopefully some fun chit chat. So far, I have found some lovely stitch markers and a couple of skeins of yarn, including Malabrigo Rios, and The Plucky Knitter Trusty.