Farewell to Frost, Maybe?

Spring has been a long time coming. No really, up here, in North Dakota, it’s taking it’s sweet time. I can’t remember which day I actually last saw the sunshine. Yesterday, our temp said we made it out of the 40’s, but I’m pretty sure it was lying. The first signal that Spring has arrived is generally that my allergies reappear. Sigh…Spring is a busy time, too. This year, it is especially busy. What has been keeping me busy lately. First of all, I have a graduate this year. You’ve seen her before, she sometimes does some modeling for me.



So, with her growing up and heading off to school in the fall, I decided that I need to find another model. Well, I haven’t found anyone, yet. So, in the meantime. I’ve taken up modeling things myself, which is a whole different challenge considering that I am also the photographer. I learned with this latest pattern, that it is really hard to take pictures of yourself, highlighting the knitwear while also presenting a flattering picture of one’s self. I may need to train my 5 year old to run the camera (just kidding!!!).

Second, and this may seem funny to some, but playoff hockey is also keeping me very busy. No, don’t laugh…ok laugh if you want. I love hockey and while one of my favorite teams did not even come close to making the playoffs. In fact, they have the second pick in the draft(cough…Buffalo…cough), my other team is keeping me on the edge of my seat. GO KINGS GO!

So, yes, another thing keeping me busy: designing. I have several works in progress, one of them, this new lightweight cowl, Farewell to Frost.



Farewell to Frost is a tubular cow, meaning it is knit it a tube and then joined with grafting at the end of the knitting. It is knit up in the very lovely Sunshine Yarns BFL Silk lace. I’ve been wearing it a lot. It comes in very handy when you just need a little something to keep the chill away (even AC chill).

cowl4The cowl pattern is open to modification. You could knit it at a different gauge, maybe try fingering weight. You could add length, or subtract it and the stitch pattern is easy to expand for a wider cowl if one wanted. Texture is provided by lace and variations between garter and stockinette. It is wonderfully soft and lightweight.



From now through Wednesday, the 15th you can get the pattern at it’s introductory price of 30% off with the coupon code BYEBYEFROST  at checkout. Just add, Farewell to Frost to your cart and use the coupon code in the appropriate area. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you around soon.




New Pattern for Malabrigo Quickies!

Hello all! Wow! Has it really been over a month since I posted? It’s been a busy month, that’s for sure. The blog is always on the “list of things to do”, but it always seems to be the very last thing and I never seem to get to the very last thing on my list. I must move it up on the priority list! One of the things I’ve been working on is today’s release!

Malabrigo is a fantastic company. Earlier this year, I did an interview on the Malabrigo website telling everyone just how much I love them. Recently, they added a fun new feature. Approximately every two weeks, there is a release for a “quick” pattern done in Malabrigo Yarn. The feature is called, Malabrigo Quickies!  This week, my pattern is the new “Quickie”.

The Roseway-shorter and wider version.

The sideways shawlette/scarf  is knit up in Malabrigo’s sportweight yarn, Arroyo. It comes in two different sizes A shorter/wider and long/skinny version. This bias knit shawl/scarf knits up super fast and each one takes less than a full skein making it a great project for those single skeins that some of us seem to buy impulsively (not that I ever do that).

long and skinny version

Generally, when I choose a name for a project, I use the project as inspiration. This time, though, it was the colorway. I used Arco Iris. Arco Iris is a variegated colorway. It is gorgeous and can vary a lot due to the hand dyed nature of the colorway. I have always thought it was one of the loveliest of variegated colorways. I wanted to find a way to use this colorway to it’s fullest advantage. That’s why I chose a garter body. Pairing that with the bias construction, you can virtually eliminate odd pooling. The knitted fabric made me think of Monet’s  The rose-way at Giverny by Monet. So, that is what I decided to call it, The Roseway.

Both versions can be worn a variety of ways: bandana style, wrapped several times, or worn over the shoulders.

I hope you like it! Stop by the Malabrigo Junkies for the official Malabrigo Quickies thread on Ravelry to see all the Malabrigo Quickie releases. Also, stop by my group and post in our chit chat thread. We’d love to see you! At the end of the month, I pick one random chatter to receive a free pattern.

I will try to make more time for my blog. I really should. I am always happy after I post:)

New Pattern and Time for a KAL!

So, if you’ve been hanging around the pattern section at Ravelry, you may have come across some fantastic new patterns that have come out this week. My newest pattern, “Anonymous Vampire,” was among all the lovely new releases.

“Anonymous Vampire” is a crescent shaped lace shawlette. Worked from the top down, the  shawlette gets it’s shape from the rapid increasing at the edges. The top section is done in garter stitch which transitions into a simple, rhythmic lace pattern.

The design comes in two sizes: small and large. The small makes a nice scarf size and the large is more “shawlette” sized.  The yarn used in this design is Indigodragonfly Merino Sock, colorway: tiny bloodsucking dancer. The color is magnificent. I absolutely fell in love with this when I saw it. Now, I don’t jump at “red” yarns very often. But, I fell HARD for this one and had to have it immediately. Of course, with a colorway name like, “tiny bloodsucking dancer,” whatever I made with it,  had to be vampire themed.

See how nicely it would cover up “bites”. I have to preface the rest of this paragraph by saying, I am a HUGE Buffy aficionado. Huge…seriously, huge. Re watching the dvds got me through my 4th pregnancy(that’s a whole different story).  The name, “Anonymous Vampire” came from the Buffy website, BuffyGuide.com. They call the random vampires encountered and killed by Buffy and the gang, anonymous vampires. I figured I could use that moniker while knitting and testing this project. I thought I would come up with something better. I didn’t, so I just went with it. I hope you like it. I had fun making it. It was my first foray into lace design. I foresee more in my future.

Now, remember that KAL thingy? Itty Bitty Kiddie KAL. Oh yeah that… It starts tomorrow. I still do not have badges for project pages ready. I will attempt that photoshoot tomorrow. Let’s hope the toddler cooperates. Stop by my group at any time and join in the WHOLE month! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a pattern of mine. Though, if you would to knit one of my patterns, the kiddie patterns are on sale in my shop until September 15th. No coupon code needed.



Oooh Shiny!

Hello there dear readers! It has been too long! We’ve been ridiculously busy around here working on new projects, deadlines, and getting ready to send the kids back to school next week. I have been a bit distracted this week. I am working on new projects and designs, but I got a new camera! Seriously, my other camera was really lacking. I would take literally hundreds of pictures and maybe two of them would be usable and only if my subject stood completely still. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a 2 year old to stand still? No? Well, it’s pretty difficult. I have been playing around and having lots of fun with my new toy (Nikon D3100). I went entry level into the DSLR market. I really quite love it. There is really no comparison to the old camera (which was a point and shoot). Luckily, I do already know a bit about cameras. Back in the olden days, I had a non-digital SLR and took several photography courses in college. I’ve taken this week to get back into that train of thought as far as photography goes.

Luckily, I also had a pattern ready for photography! It’s been so hot and humid here, we have not wanted to do this shoot during the hottest daytime temps. Since my model is not a morning person, we waited until about 7:30-8:00 pm. It was perfect. We didn’t have the bright sun to contend with or the sweat inducing humidity. So, I can now give you a sneak peak of my next pattern. It’s a shawlette and it is nearly finished being test knit and tech edited. It’s called, “Anonymous Vampire”.  Don’t worry, I will eventually do a nice post to explain this “interesting” name. I hope you like it! Stay tuned, I think it’s release is right around the corner!

Anonymous Vampire