Farewell to Frost, Maybe?

Spring has been a long time coming. No really, up here, in North Dakota, it’s taking it’s sweet time. I can’t remember which day I actually last saw the sunshine. Yesterday, our temp said we made it out of the 40’s, but I’m pretty sure it was lying. The first signal that Spring has arrived is generally that my allergies reappear. Sigh…Spring is a busy time, too. This year, it is especially busy. What has been keeping me busy lately. First of all, I have a graduate this year. You’ve seen her before, she sometimes does some modeling for me.



So, with her growing up and heading off to school in the fall, I decided that I need to find another model. Well, I haven’t found anyone, yet. So, in the meantime. I’ve taken up modeling things myself, which is a whole different challenge considering that I am also the photographer. I learned with this latest pattern, that it is really hard to take pictures of yourself, highlighting the knitwear while also presenting a flattering picture of one’s self. I may need to train my 5 year old to run the camera (just kidding!!!).

Second, and this may seem funny to some, but playoff hockey is also keeping me very busy. No, don’t laugh…ok laugh if you want. I love hockey and while one of my favorite teams did not even come close to making the playoffs. In fact, they have the second pick in the draft(cough…Buffalo…cough), my other team is keeping me on the edge of my seat. GO KINGS GO!

So, yes, another thing keeping me busy: designing. I have several works in progress, one of them, this new lightweight cowl, Farewell to Frost.



Farewell to Frost is a tubular cow, meaning it is knit it a tube and then joined with grafting at the end of the knitting. It is knit up in the very lovely Sunshine Yarns BFL Silk lace. I’ve been wearing it a lot. It comes in very handy when you just need a little something to keep the chill away (even AC chill).

cowl4The cowl pattern is open to modification. You could knit it at a different gauge, maybe try fingering weight. You could add length, or subtract it and the stitch pattern is easy to expand for a wider cowl if one wanted. Texture is provided by lace and variations between garter and stockinette. It is wonderfully soft and lightweight.



From now through Wednesday, the 15th you can get the pattern at it’s introductory price of 30% off with the coupon code BYEBYEFROST  at checkout. Just add, Farewell to Frost to your cart and use the coupon code in the appropriate area. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you around soon.




My Neckwear Obsession and a new pattern!

The past few months, I have flirted…no, become obsessed with neckwear. I do go through phases sometimes and this is/was definitely one of them. It was probably spurred on by the ample opportunity to don neckwear this winter. It has been, and still is pretty cold around here. In comparison, March 10th, one year ago here was 65 degrees and I took my son to the park to play. This year…like 20 degrees. ACK!

Most of my obsessiveness has come in the form of cowl design. It didn’t start out that way this time, though.  What You Wish started with my desire to knit a scarf that didn’t bore me to tears and didn’t take forever to knit. I had to keep it interesting. So, I first picked out a cable and took that element and added stripes using intarsia techniques. OH NO!!! Did I say, “intarsia”? Yeah, I did. Don’t let that scare you though, because it isn’t difficult at all and before you know it this thing will fly off the needles. I used Worsted/Aran weight yarns. The small cowl took me a day of knitting.

First, the scarf:


Oh hey, that’s me! Of course, I am wearing a hockey t-shirt hah. This scarf version was knit up with The Plucky Knitter Plucky Rustic. What a fun yarn. It’s soft, yet rustic…


I used the colorway, Flannel, for the main color. The accent is Icey Audrey. And now the cowls:


These were knit up in Malabrigo Worsted. You provisionally cast them on and then join later by grafting. You could also just use 3 needle bind off, but grafting makes the seaming invisible! The short cowl used Frost Gray as the main color and Bobby Blue for the contrast.


The long cowl version was also done in Malabrigo Worsted. I used Frost Gray again as the main color and Sapphire Green as a contrast.

So…has my obsession abated. No, it really hasn’t. I still have new ideas, but have to move on to other things at the moment! I will be back again, likely later this week. I have one more pattern to release this March.

New Pattern Release: Mother’s Wallpaper

When I was younger, my Mom had some wild wallpaper in her bedroom. Picture, if you will, an odd marriage of Damask and Toile. At least, that’s how I remember it. Now, picture the design in bright, eye searing, red. Now, add that it was also flocked. I know I spent way more than my fair share of time mesmerized by this combination of elements. Now, I know my new pattern is not red or damask or flocked, but the cable in this pattern reminds me of the wallpaper. I’m not really sure why exactly, it’s funny how memories and inspiration work sometimes.



The fun thing about this cowl (well, the first fun thing) is that it has buttons. I love buttons.  I like putting buttons on things. Sometimes, they may not need it, but I do it anyways!



Another fun thing about it, is how many ways I’ve found to wear it. You can wear it just all regular, like this:


I think my favorite way to wear it is to open a few of the bottom buttons and fold the top inwards a couple of inches. Nice and cozy!



My daughter’s favorite way to wear it was to turn it inside out and fold it in half so that the cable faced outwards, like this:




See, most cowls can do these same things if the fabric isn’t too loose and the cowl is “tall” enough. I often get “creative” when I wear my cowls. What is your favorite way to wear a cowl? The yarn? Oh yes, the cowl was knit up using The Wool Dispensary Greater Poison in colorway, Badass Unicorn (best name ever).

Mother’s Wallpaper, like my other patterns, is 20% off until the 15 using the code NINJAKAL at checkout! Thanks for stopping by! I will have more for you soon!

New Pattern: Carrock Cowl

My first official design of the year, the Carrock Cowl. While I was designing this and knitting up the sample. I couldn’t help but think of Tolkien. Since The Hobbit movie was releasing at nearly the same time I was working on this, the association was probably planted in my head by my desire to see the movie. The Carrock, in Tolkien Lore, is a stony eyot (small island) in the upper reaches of the River Anduin. The name Carrock was a bit of a joke by Tolkien as the word car in Anglo-Saxon means “rock”.



The yarn is Malabrigo Rastita, a new DK weight from Malabrigo Yarns. This stuff is quite lovely. It is so soft and lofty. These cables are wonderful. It is a single ply yarn and like it’s “big” sister Rasta, slightly felted. The colorway that I used is Plomo. I think this colorway also played a part in the patterns naming. Rocks may seem boring to some, but I’ve always thought that the tones in different types of rock were very interesting and held a lot of depth. This yarn is the same way. It has so many tones and they just all blend so wonderfully together. Though, this did make it a tad bit difficult to photograph. You can see in my photos that when we changed light, the color changed too!



I just love the cabled texture. I’ve had this idea for a while and was waiting for the perfect yarn. I think I found it!



The pattern has written and charted directions. So, if you like one or the other, you are covered. I hope you have enjoyed the look at my newest pattern. It certainly was a joy to knit up!

Do you see that charcoal-ish color sweater underneath the cowl? That’s a new sweater design I am working on! I am absolutely in love with it and I hope you will all like it too. It (and another couple designs I’m working on) actually sparked an idea for another blog post next week on sleeves. I hope you will stop by and check that out too!

Modeled pics

So, I have finally gotten the weather to cooperate and my daughter a day off, so that I could take pictures of this design! This is the same one I took a picture of last week. It is for the Jimmy Beans Wool Misti Alpaca Landscape pattern contest. I really like it. It is simple, but with a lovely stitch pattern, not boring. It’s reversible.  It is so versitile! You can wear it many different ways!

It perhaps is a bit warm for the weather. We started our photo shoot at around 9 a.m. and it was already 80 degrees with 95% humidity. Ouch! But, she was a good sport and did all that I asked. We got some lovely shots.

There isn’t much she won’t do for a smoothie. I am nearly ready to send the pattern in. I should get the actual cowl in the mail tomorrow. I am a bit stuck on the name, but I have a few options.

The finicky teen even said she would love me to knit her one for the winter. She likes that she could leave it open as in the above picture. Or wrap it around her neck as in the bottom picture.


I have something for you to take a peek at.  I have had this post mostly ready to go for a few days, but I wanted to make sure it was ok to post about my specific project. A few weeks ago, I entered a design in the Jimmy Beans Wool Landscape Collection Pattern Contest. Those who entered the contest and were chosen were sent some lovely colorways of Misti Alpaca Landscape Collection, which Misti Alpaca dyes specifically for the Jimmy Beans wool store. I came up with a cozy, drape-y cowl.The Cowl

My pattern is written up. It will head to the tech editor this week. It’s super simple to knit. As an added bonus, the stitch pattern I used, is reversible. There are also two ways you can wear it.

I won’t be able to get any modeled shots until at least Thursday. My daughter, who will be modeling it, has band camp from 7 a.m. until 9 pm. Yep, that’s a long day!