New Pattern: Frisco for the kids!

Yes, another new pattern this week. It’s been a fast and furious new year around here with pattern releases. It seems like I blog about nothing else as of late. None of these new patterns have been child specific until today! I bring you, Frisco.


I have always had a thing for reverse stockinette stripes. I just love the way the fabric creates a unique texture on the “wrong” side. So, I decided to make the “wrong” side the “right” side this time.


The name Frisco is a bit of a homage to my daughter’s favorite baseball team (and current World Series Champtions). I hadn’t set out to do this in San Fransisco Giants colors, they just happened to be the colors that I had on hand. I also started this project during the playoffs (not that I really planned it that way, I wasn’t watching).


The cardigan is sized from 6 months, through size 10, so it offers a very wide range of sizes. It is also worked up in worsted weight, so it is a relatively “quick” project. To sweeten the release, I have decided to offer it at 20% through Thursday with the code “Frisco15” at checkout on Ravelry. European customers, this should be available on Ravelry through Loveknitting within 24 hours, so keep checking!

There are a couple other parts to this post besides just talking about my new pattern. Next, I’d like to address European sales. I do a fair bit of sales with the EU and the whole VAT MOSS thing has really shaken things up a bit around here. I had to make a decision what to do. Do I not sell to the EU, do I collect the taxes myself and pay them (which is really really complicated), do I use a 3rd party seller…It was a tough decision, but I decided to go with the Ravelry option of selling them through Loveknitting. Now, basically, if you are in the EU and you find me on Ravelry, you will go to purchase a pattern and be directed to the Loveknitting site to complete the sale. Most of my patterns are available there right now. New patterns can take up to 24 hours to be uploaded.

Next, I hope you will keep checking back in. I am hoping to actually incorporate more of “me” into my blog posts, not just the designs I am working on. I hope you will enjoy!