City Tweed Collection Giveaway!

So, as some of you already know, I have a pattern in the new City Tweed Collection from Knit Picks.  It is full of absolutely gorgeous patterns for their City Tweed Yarn line, which includes Dk weight and Heavy Worsted weight. There are several patterns I’d love to knit if I had the time. I may even try to squeeze one in. I do a bit of spare time knitting though, I usually choose to knit for my toddler.


My pattern, Chevrons, uses the Heavy Worsted version of City Tweed. It is a top down, round yoke, with simple and striking colorwork.  The colorwork was inspired by my love of simple shapes and geometry. Yes, that’s just how my brain works 🙂 It also has a turtleneck that you can button (as in the Knit Picks sample) or leave unbuttoned as in my daughter has it modeled below.

The Knit Picks description reads: Geometry is really the inspiration for this design with simple shapes set off by “planes” or single stripes. The Chevrons Sweater shows off just enough colorwork to keep one interested, yet not be too complicated to an adventurous beginner. Chevrons is a seamless round yoked sweater worked from the top down. The knitting is started flat and joined in the round after the collar while short row shaping raises the back of the neck for a comfortable sit.


I hope you like it as much as I do! The other patterns in the collection are also quite lovely. The  Hypatia Cowl, Stomping Grounds Pullover, Cabled Faux Argyle Cardi, Clarendon,  Scarf, and Chickadee Sweater round out the collection. To add to the fun Knit Picks has City Tweed on sale at 20% off until 9/25/13!


Didn’t I say “giveaway”? I did! I did! Ok, so what am I giving away? I have two copies of the pattern book (pictured above). There are two ways (well technically three ways) to win a copy. First, you can comment on this blog post letting me know which pattern you want to knit the most. Second, you can hop on over to my Facebook page and “like” my Ninja8tofuDesigns  page and comment on the post about the giveaway, (eta: You don’t have to like my page, only do it if you want to) . You will get an  entry if share my Facebook post, too. I will give one copy away through this blog and one through my Facebook page!  Please remember to leave a way for me get a hold of you. On the blog, you can leave me your Ravelry name, email, etc. The Facebook winner will be announced in a post and will have to message me (due to Facebook rules). I will pick winners on Friday 9/27/13!!  EDIT: Someone let me know that I can’t see the people who like my page. I had no idea. So, instead, like or comment on the post about the giveaway and only like my group if you want. I post pretty regularly on there, though!

Also of note this month, I am having a sale. All the patterns in my shop (with the exception of my Spare Time patterns (adult and child) are 25% off with the code:  “STOCKTHEMADNESS” at checkout through October 5th.  The Little Spare Time and Spare Time Pullover are 20% off through the end of the month with the code “SPARETIME3″ at checkout. Don’t forget that the KAL for the Spare Time patterns is ongoing in my Ravelry group through the end of October!


94 thoughts on “City Tweed Collection Giveaway!

  1. GREAT design. If I were in a colorwork mood …! I’m in a cable mood lately. Stomping Ground Pullover looks really cool too. Congrats on the fab design.

  2. Ooh! I was just looking at those in my catalog the other day! I do like Chevrons and Stomping Grounds! I could totally see Chevrons in a wacky color combination that I so enjoy! 🙂

  3. My knitting queue is full for the foreseeable future, so I don’t need to be entered in the giveaway (and would much rather see the pattern go to someone who would actually use it), but I wanted to say congrats on the publication and great design! I’m an engineer, so I love geometry too. 😉 (sjn821 on Rav)

  4. Hope you don’t think I’m sucking up but Chevrons was the pattern that caught my eye when I saw this collection in the Knit Picks catalog.

    Margie (amalya on Rav)

  5. I have been looking at the City Tweed yarn with longing ever since it came out. I am a sucker for tweed yarns – but when I saw the new patterns, I decided that the whole collection was going on my wish list for Christmas. I especially like Chevrons, Chickadee and the Cabled (Argyle) Cardi. Perhaps if I win the book, I can put the YARN on my wishlist instead! rav: realyn

  6. I would love to knit all of the patterns, but Stomping Grounds would be the first I cast on. I need to get better at colorwork before attempting your pattern! 🙂

    I’m vernalequinox on Ravelry.

  7. I love several of the designs, but especially the Stomping Ground Pullover. It lets the tweed yarn shine but includes some cable detail to keep things interesting!

  8. I LOVE your sweater, but I’m not quite that good of a knitter yet. So I’d probably start with the Clarendon Scarf and work my way up 🙂

  9. The chevrons sweater is probably at the top of the list of patterns in the book that I want to knit…but really, I would love to be able to knit them all…so many patterns…so little time.
    AuntyBeth at

  10. I saw Chevrons on the KnitPicks site and fell in love with it. But I have to admit, I liked all the patterns in this collection. It helps that I like the City Tweed yarn!

  11. All of the patterns are beautiful, but I’d definitely want to make Chevron and Cabled Faux Argyle Cardi. I’m dkelewae on Ravelry, and have liked your FB page also 🙂

  12. I love the Chickadee Sweater. Looks like one you could live in! Actually I have been drooling over the entire collection! Thanks for the contest!

  13. I’d already put Chevrons and the Hypatia cowl in my knitpicks wish list! It’d be great to win them before I can afford them!

    I’m jmwrestler on Ravelry.

  14. I too was looking at this collection in my catalog. What lovely designs for this yarn. I’ve been knitting for eight years and have yet to knit anything more fitted for myself than socks. Sweaters kind of freak me out a bit, but I really want to do one. I’d choose either ‘Hypatia Cowl’ or ‘Stomping Grounds Pullover’.
    My ravelry name is sylvrbdrfly.

  15. I love your Chevrons! I’ve never done colorwork, but it seems simple enough to try. I LOVE the way the neck folds or buttons. I’m millymom619 on Rav.

  16. I was immediately drawn to your Chevrons pullover. That would be my first project from the book, but I really want to knit all of them. Rav ID is binkette55

  17. Such a hard choice between chevrons and stomping grounds! I’m going to have to go with stomping grounds, the yarn weight is far more practical for where I live. Your patterns are all lovely!! Ravelry: OzarkSunshine

  18. I’d be torn between Chevrons and Cabled Faux Argyle Cardi, b/c for both of them, I like the flexibility in having something buttoned or unbuttoned, depending on how cold it is outside. Gorgeous patterns; the one I’d knit first would depend on which stashed yarn (weight) I want to work with right now. Thank you for the chance to win a pattern book!

  19. I like the Cabled Faux Argyle Cardi. Its stitchwork shows so well through the Tweed. I’m working on a cropped top currently with the City Tweed DK and I’m hoping the stitchwork would show up well too! zmz945 on Ravelry

  20. I LOVE your designs! They’re all gorgeous! Tweed is my favorite type of fabric – either in sewing, knit, or crochet.
    I’m torn between Cabled Faux Argyle Cardi and Chevrons. They are simple but have nice design aesthetic, and showcase the yarn well.
    Congrats on the book!
    TheKnitWit102 on Ravelry

  21. I am totally smitten with your Cabled Faux Argyle Cardi, On a cold day like today, I dream of going to work in such a warm-looking cardigan!

    (Kochou1331 on Ravelry)

  22. I love the Chevron’s up or down turtleneck and think it would look great in Toad. I’ve used the City Tweed in two sweaters and it is just perfect for the colorwork.

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