It’s been how long??

So, it’s been a while since I posted. The spring has been very busy around here, not just knitting-wise, but also just life in general. It’s not about to slow down quite yet. I suspect until I reach June, things will be kinds of wild! When I contemplate what I need to get through in a day, the blog posts always fall to the bottom of my to do list. I never quite get all the way through the list! Well today, I moved it up the list a bit.

I can’t really show you what I’m working on quite yet. I will have a snapshot of a self published design in progress next post (which I hope will be next week.)  So, I thought I would show you some of the lovely yarns I’ve acquired lately.


First up is Malabrigo Mecha. Have you seen this yet? Yum. Mecha is a fluffy, bulky, superwash, single-ply from Malabrigo. it is WONDERFUL! You should definitely check it out. The front skeins are the colorway Hojas and the one in the background is Azul Fresco.




This color set  is the April Club offering  from Sunshine Yarns. Aren’t they lovely. I chose the Classic Sock base.


And finally, this is the Alice Starmore Hebridean 2ply. I got this to knit my toddler a Drangey sweater. Yes, it’s a men’s pattern. I am going to size it down to toddler size.

Thanks for stopping by, guys! See you soon! I promise!


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