My Neckwear Obsession and a new pattern!

The past few months, I have flirted…no, become obsessed with neckwear. I do go through phases sometimes and this is/was definitely one of them. It was probably spurred on by the ample opportunity to don neckwear this winter. It has been, and still is pretty cold around here. In comparison, March 10th, one year ago here was 65 degrees and I took my son to the park to play. This year…like 20 degrees. ACK!

Most of my obsessiveness has come in the form of cowl design. It didn’t start out that way this time, though.  What You Wish started with my desire to knit a scarf that didn’t bore me to tears and didn’t take forever to knit. I had to keep it interesting. So, I first picked out a cable and took that element and added stripes using intarsia techniques. OH NO!!! Did I say, “intarsia”? Yeah, I did. Don’t let that scare you though, because it isn’t difficult at all and before you know it this thing will fly off the needles. I used Worsted/Aran weight yarns. The small cowl took me a day of knitting.

First, the scarf:


Oh hey, that’s me! Of course, I am wearing a hockey t-shirt hah. This scarf version was knit up with The Plucky Knitter Plucky Rustic. What a fun yarn. It’s soft, yet rustic…


I used the colorway, Flannel, for the main color. The accent is Icey Audrey. And now the cowls:


These were knit up in Malabrigo Worsted. You provisionally cast them on and then join later by grafting. You could also just use 3 needle bind off, but grafting makes the seaming invisible! The short cowl used Frost Gray as the main color and Bobby Blue for the contrast.


The long cowl version was also done in Malabrigo Worsted. I used Frost Gray again as the main color and Sapphire Green as a contrast.

So…has my obsession abated. No, it really hasn’t. I still have new ideas, but have to move on to other things at the moment! I will be back again, likely later this week. I have one more pattern to release this March.


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