New Pattern Release: Mother’s Wallpaper

When I was younger, my Mom had some wild wallpaper in her bedroom. Picture, if you will, an odd marriage of Damask and Toile. At least, that’s how I remember it. Now, picture the design in bright, eye searing, red. Now, add that it was also flocked. I know I spent way more than my fair share of time mesmerized by this combination of elements. Now, I know my new pattern is not red or damask or flocked, but the cable in this pattern reminds me of the wallpaper. I’m not really sure why exactly, it’s funny how memories and inspiration work sometimes.



The fun thing about this cowl (well, the first fun thing) is that it has buttons. I love buttons.  I like putting buttons on things. Sometimes, they may not need it, but I do it anyways!



Another fun thing about it, is how many ways I’ve found to wear it. You can wear it just all regular, like this:


I think my favorite way to wear it is to open a few of the bottom buttons and fold the top inwards a couple of inches. Nice and cozy!



My daughter’s favorite way to wear it was to turn it inside out and fold it in half so that the cable faced outwards, like this:




See, most cowls can do these same things if the fabric isn’t too loose and the cowl is “tall” enough. I often get “creative” when I wear my cowls. What is your favorite way to wear a cowl? The yarn? Oh yes, the cowl was knit up using The Wool Dispensary Greater Poison in colorway, Badass Unicorn (best name ever).

Mother’s Wallpaper, like my other patterns, is 20% off until the 15 using the code NINJAKAL at checkout! Thanks for stopping by! I will have more for you soon!


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