New Pattern: Hyde Park Cardigan

Hello! I’ve been absent again! I apologize. We were wiped out by sickness and then after we got better, I had to catch up on work. Again, I put in my request for more hours in a day, but I think it was denied.

I am excited about this post though, as I have a new design to show you! This morning, I released my Hyde Park Cardigan.


Hyde Park takes it’s name from one of London’s Royal Parks. The top down cardigan has a garter edged collar, lovely twisty cables. The front edges are knit as you go in garter and button loops and buttons are added later. This sweater has very minimal finishing, just button loops, buttons and weaving in the ends.


The back features a lovely trio of cables.


The yarn? Oh, it’s delicious. Malabrigo Rios is one of my favorites and it works beautifully in this design. I had a couple of testers use it too. Image

Well, thanks for stopping by to see it. I hope you all like it!





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