FO Friday and a peek at some new stuff!

It’s been a busy week here in Casa de ninja. I have been a chart making fool. The funny thing is, I sort of hate making charts (I do love knitting from them, though). Well, I thought I hated charts until I discovered colorwork. I have fallen in love with colorwork and therefore love colorwork charts. It’s so fun to plot where to put which color and envisioning what something might look like.  This all leads into my FO for this week (actually, I have two).  The companion to my Pigwidgeon sweater, Pigwidgeon Hat.

Now, this is a bit of a tangent, but, normally, I edit my pictures in Photoshop. However, I was not on the desktop, so I hopped over to Picmonkey and messed around with it a bit. I had no idea they had fun Halloween stuff out. It can all get a bit cheesy, but fun to mess around with.  Anyways, this is my quick and dirty pic of my latest finished object and a design that will be released (in 3 sizes) sometime soon! I’m also working on some mittens, too. So, keep an eye out for those, as well.

The second finished object that I have for you is a little girl’s sweater. I will only flash a teaser pic of this on the blog today, but if you really want to see the project, you can head here. It is, as of yet, un-named.

Doesn’t that look fun? Trust me, it is! I loved creating it. It is knit up in Sunshine Yarns Merino Sport, which is absolutely fabulous and post blocking is incredibly soft. Yet, it’s superwash, which is always handy.

Well that’s pretty much all I have this week. Just a reminder, there is only 3 DAYS left to use the coupon code STOCKPILE2012 at checkout on any of the single patterns (just not the ebook) in my Ravelry store for 20% off.


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