FO Friday and Tiny Treads Review!


I don’t think I’ve ever done a Finished Object Friday post. I don’t think I’ve reviewed a book officially either. I am here today to do both. First, a bit of a back story. About a year and a half ago, I was looking for comprehensive sock patterns for babies and toddlers. I like knitting socks. I really like knitting them for little ones. They seem to go so fast. I thought I’d have no problems finding what I liked on Ravelry. That was completely not the case. I was looking for gender neutral, baby/toddler patterns and I found one or two “plain” patterns. Most of the patterns I had found were either in books I would have to get on Amazon or some book seller, too cutesy, too girly, or not the right size range. I started making my son plain socks and trying to mod them myself. The problem is, if I am doing knitting for “fun”, I don’t want to think about things that much. I just want a pattern to tell me what to do. Fast forward to this last week. I hear on Twitter about the new book from Cooperative Press called, “Tiny Treads” by Joeli Caparco. I was immediately interested! I checked it out and bought it and then was offered a spot to review the book.

The Book and It’s Patterns

Image copyright Joeli Caparco

The book starts out with a colorful array of socks on it’s cover. This book is available as an ebook or an ebook+print option. I love ebooks and I have limited storage space for books so I really like being able to get an ebook right away. I like that instant gratification!

The next thing I notice is a fantastic introduction page. This includes a paragraph on why to knit socks for kids, help picking a size, where to measure foot length and a comprehensive list of US/UK and European shoe sizes and how they correspond to foot length. This chart is really helpful!

There are twelve fantastic patterns. My three favorites include:

Goosey Goosey

Image copyright Joeli Caparco


Image copyright Joeli Caparco

Full of Rye

image copyright Joeli Caparco


Now, while those are my three favorites, the others are fabulous as well. You can see them all on Ravelry here or on Cooperative Press here.  One of my very favorite things about all the patterns is that they are completely gender neutral. I know I will be knitting many of these! In fact, I’ve already been working on my Goosey Goosey socks. I took out a half a skein of Skinny Bugga (Differential Grasshopper) and cast them on immediately last week. One of them is done, hence me calling it my finished object. These are my “spare time” project at the moment and well…I don’t have a lot of spare time, but the one is finished and the second is just past it’s heel! They work up so quickly which is one of the reasons I love knitting socks for the little ones. I have big feet, socks seem to take forever for me!

Working through these socks, I can tell you that the pattern is very comprehensive and easy to follow.  The only mod I made was to graft the toe closed. I love grafting I am a glutton for punishment, I know. There is no need to graft it if you don’t want to.  I plan to cast on a pair of Sandman as soon as these are finished!

In my opinion, this book really covers what I thought was really lacking in the knitting pattern market. A full book of socks for kids with sizes ranging from 6-12 months to 11. There are basic sock recipes, top down and toe up! There is also a pair of slippers and a pair of legwarmers. This is a great value at $16.95 for the ebook and $22.95+shipping for the print and ebook option.  So, please check it out!


3 thoughts on “FO Friday and Tiny Treads Review!

  1. What a great looking book. I find it really difficult to find interesting sock and mitten patterns for kids, I’m glad to see someone is trying to fill that gap.

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