Ebook Release: The Vintage Ice Cream Truck

I am so excited for this month! I can finally show you all the large project I’ve been working on most recently. I can also now breathe a HUGE sigh…and take a day off(maybe…). Anyways, have you heard about the Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project? Well, if not, let me introduce you! Every month for a couple years now, Malabrigo has been supporting independent designers by sponsoring indie ebook releases. The past releases can be seen here.

My Ebook, The Vintage Ice Cream Truck,  was started with sketches last year. Actually it’s been one year exactly. So, this has been a long term project, but it has been so. much. fun. My theme was Ice Cream Truck. So, I tried to thing of a way to relate my pattern to ice cream. I also decided to take inspiration from vintage children’s patterns but, I also wanted them to have a bit of a modern twist.

First up, the pattern named after my favorite treat, the Limepop. I love lime popsicles. They have always been my favorite. Nowadays, I opt for the “real” lime flavored ones over the fake flavored ones of my past.

Limepop Sweater

The Limepop sweater has a textured body and stockinette sleeves. It is worked from the top down, in the round. I used Malabrigo Lettuce to knit up this sample. It’s a simple knit, but there is enough going on to keep you interested.

Up next is the complimentary hat, Limepop Hat. This pattern isn’t just for the kiddies, it’s for everyone! It’s unisex and comes in sizes 3/6 months- Adult L.

Limepop Hat-Adult

Limepop Hat-2/4t size

Next up is, Make Mine Strawberry. This is my ode to strawberry ice cream, my daughter’s favorite.  Sweet little details make this sweater a fun knit. Malabrigo’s Arroyo make it absolutely dreamy. I love knitting with this yarn!

Make Mine Strawberry

This is also knit from the top down. Sportweight Arroyo makes it a great transitional garment. It can be worn year round (well ok, maybe not in the sweltering heat).

Next up is Blueberry Swirl. Stripes and a larger gauge make this a fun and quick knit. This baby knits up FAST and of course, delicious in Malabrigo Twist. I think the sample took me under a day. Not kidding! Very much an immediate gratification type project.

Blueberry Swirl

Up next is the adorable Sammie! This cardigan was inspired by the ice cream sandwich. Who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich (my favorite are tofutti cuties!!). Knit up in Rios, from the top down, this cardigan has wonderful details that make it a fantastic choice for those months when you are waiting for ice cream truck season.

Yes, it most certainly does have a shawl collar, and single row stripes. There is also a textured waffle pattern between the stripes and the ribbing.

Last, but not least is the Sammie Hat. This hat has the same stripe and texture pattern as the Sammie sweater. Just like the Limepop Hat, Sammie has a wide range of sizes! So, it is not just for the kids either!

Sammie Hat-2/4T

Sammie Hat-Adult Med

So, I hope you have enjoyed my pattern collection. I sure enjoyed putting this together! Oh! and for the month of August, the ebook and single patterns are 10% off on Ravelry with the code ICECREAM. Happy Knitting!

ETA: Ack! I forgot to mention! Stay tuned for more MFPP this month. It will be a full month for the Freelance pattern project with two more ebooks coming this month!

3 thoughts on “Ebook Release: The Vintage Ice Cream Truck

  1. I just wanted to say that I love Limepop! I finished it last night for my lttle one and was cruel enough to force her into it this morning (in the middle of an Australian summer heatwave!). It’s a gorgeous pattern. Next up will be Make Mine Strawberry for my big girl.

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