A Baby Knitting Giveaway!

Have you seen the new 60 More Quick Baby Knits? Well, if not, follow that link that I just posted and check it out! I have a design in it called the Garter Ridge Hat.  All of the designs in the book are knit up in Cascade 220 sport.

photo by Jack Deutsch

I have, in my possession a copy of this book which I am planning  on giving away. All you have to do is leave a comment in the comment section about what you like about knitting for babies. Now, to let you know, the majority of the patterns run from 6 months to 18 months. There are a couple larger.  There are some really cute designs! I will pick a winner next Wednesday, May 30th. Plenty of time for entries!

Also, lately I’ve been trying to revive my Ravelry group a bit. Sometime later this summer (maybe July or August), I’d like to do a KAL.  Last year, we did a kid’s knit KAL. This year, I think it will likely be an “accessory” KAL.  Any suggestions? So, please stop by my Ravelry group and say hi. I have a chat thread(and a couple others!!) and a welcome thread. Say hi, hang out. I mostly chat to myself right now and let’s face it, that’s just sad.


23 thoughts on “A Baby Knitting Giveaway!

  1. Aw, how great! Congrats on having your hat in the book. I loved “60 Quick Baby Knits” and saw that a second book was being released this month.

    I love knitting for babies because it’s a great opportunity to practice new skills before taking them to a larger-scale (adult) piece. And the pieces are smaller so they are great travel projects for the daily commute. Plus, let’s face it – everything looks cuter on a baby!

    This would be perfect as my niece is a year old so I could still make some great pieces for her. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    handmadebytracie (at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I love knitting for babies and toddlers as there is nothing nicer seeing them in hand knits to show off their innocence, rather that designer clothes that seem to take their childhood away, hand knits let babies look like babies and the blankets and shawls hand knitted keep them warm xx

  3. I just got the first book of 60 Quick Baby Knits and love it! I mostly knit baby things for charity, using the smaller projects for in-between or portable projects. Sometimes you just need to start and finish a project within a short period of time for that almost-instant gratification. Thanks for the giveaway, Terri, and congrats on the pattern in the book!

  4. Cute hat! The book looks like its got lots of great patterns. My fav to knit for babies are hats & cardigans – fast & useful!

  5. I am knitting my first baby project with Cascade, Juju Loops Snowden Blanket.
    I like knitting for babies, the projects are little minis.

  6. I like knitting for babies because it’s so super quick, compared to adult sweaters! Also because they don’t have much choice but to wear what you put them in (why yes, I do happen to have a couple of very opinionated 4 and 6 year olds).

  7. I love knitting for kids and babies beacuse the designs are usually so cute and since they are smaller they are usually fast projects!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! I love knitting for babies because their moms are always so appreciative, and also because those smaller items are great for stash-busting! Love your hat!

  9. OMG… How weird.

    I found out a friend is having a little girl and decided I must knit a little sweater gift. My first thought was to go see the blog from the pluckykniters site for you (ninja8tofuknitr) since I knew you made patterns for the little ones!
    How great that would be to have a whole book of patterns to turn to next time I need a baby gift.
    I love knitting for the tykes…the patterns are all sooooo adorable and obviously a lot quicker to knit than for myself 🙂

  10. Congratulations to you for the published pattern. I am expecting my 11th grandchild and would love new patterns for little ones.

  11. I love making baby things because I actually finish them! When it comes to knitting, I am like Doug the dog in the movie UP – instead of *squirrel!* for me it is *oh, new project!*. But with baby things, I actually might finish something before I start something new!

  12. I like knitting for babies because it lets me sample different knitting techniques. Little ruffle here, little cable there. And it helps my knitting mojo to finish something in a couple weeks 😀

  13. I just cast on for a Kinsale (great pattern!) last night and was already a few inches into the body by the time I arrived at work today. Gotta love the little kid knits – they just fly off the needles!

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