Malabrigo Interview and BUTTONS!

Hey guys! I know I’ve been promising this button post for a while and the day has finally come. Though first, I’d like to direct your attention to the Malabrigo Yarn Blog, where I have done an interview! I hope you will stop by and check it out. It was lots of fun and let’s face it, I love Malabrigo.

Now, let’s talk buttons! I love buttons. They may be the one thing that could rival my yarn stash.  I thought it would be fun to show you all some of my buttons. Note, I said some and periodically, like say when I acquire some new buttons, I thought I could do blog posts dedicated to buttons. There has to be other button fanatics out there.

My button sources are as varied as my yarn sources. I look online at etsy or ebay. There are several button shops online too. I also shop for buttons when I get to an LYS. Sometimes, they have really cool buttons. Other places that I’ve found buttons, my Grandma, garage/auction sales, and thrift stores. I once actually bought a shirt in a vintage shop just because I wanted the buttons.

One thing that I really love is this knick knack that my Mom recently gave me. It was my Grandma’s button holder. She had a lot of buttons. I’ve used several out of here! This thing holds tons of buttons, every drawer is stuffed full. It’s a sentimental piece,  but practical too.

Button Box

These buttons were acquired when I was working on a sweater(not released yet). I ordered the wrong size. These were a bit small. Now, I must find something for them. I actually ordered 3 sets of buttons before I came to the ones I wanted for this project. I can be a bit indecisive sometimes. It’s ok though, I don’t mind having extra buttons.

The buttons below are the buttons that I finally settled on for the a fore mentioned buttons. Notice, they are bigger.


These buttons are slated for a knitting project that I just haven’t gotten to yet. They are such a lovely set. Look at the details!

Last(for today), but not least, below are the buttons that were first seen on my most recent publication, The Michaela Tee in Knitscene Summer 2012. I had to really look for these buttons. I had a hard time deciding what to do. The yarn color used in the sweater is not one that is easy to find buttons to “match” and I wasn’t sure I wanted them to match anyways.  So, I thought perhaps I’d go with a nice crisp white button for summer. I came across these on etsy and I knew they were prefect.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I will be back next week with a post, hopefully. Make sure you check in the week of April 23-29th as I am planning on participating in the Kniting and Crochet Blog Week 2012 and it should be a lot of fun this year!


4 thoughts on “Malabrigo Interview and BUTTONS!

  1. The interview was great! My mom had a bright blue tin with sunflowers onit that was full of buttons…I used to play with them all the time…use them for the Barbie clothes I made (usually out of old socks) Now I have several boxes and tins filled with buttons….

    • Thanks gracey! I do love a good button tin. My mom has a gold one and I remember sorting through all the buttons in it when I was a little kid. I guess I always had a thing for buttons!

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