Knitscene Summer 2012, Michaela Tee

I was planning a blog post on buttons for today, but that will wait. There is lots of time to talk about buttons (which is good because, I have a lot of buttons). Instead, I have something new to show you. I didn’t think I’d get a pattern in March, this year. I’ve been very busy working on future projects for the past 6 weeks, so I had nothing planned for March. I had almost completely forgotten about my design for Knitscene Summer 2012! That’s what happens with publications though. You work on them with a lot of lead time and then you send them on their way. They are like a fun surprise (that you actually knew was coming, but couldn’t tell anyone)!

Anyways, onto the pattern! The sweater is called  the Michaela Tee. It is knit up in  Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic DK which is 50% Organic Cotton and 50% Organic wool. I really like this yarn and I have worked with it’s Aran weight partner in the past. It knits up into a gorgeous fabric and blocks wonderfully.

©Interweave Press

The Michaela Tee is a sweater I would wear for myself. It’s fitted and simple, but it has it’s own uniqueness about it.



The asymmetrical placket adds interest.  Also, this is the perfect sweater to use some fun vintage buttons. Speaking of which it took me forever to decide on buttons. I believe I snagged these white vintage buttons on etsy, but don’t hold me to that. I am known for my button stash. I will search goodwill, garage sales, the internet,  etc. all in the hopes of finding the perfect buttons.

©Interweave Press

The edgings are my favorite part. I tend to like rolled edges, but sometimes there’s just too much roll. I like the combination of the ribbing and the rolled edge for that reason. It keeps the rolling from getting all carried away with its bad self. I also really enjoy how they styled this. The skirt looks great with the sweater. I also love the coloring of the backgrounds. Didn’t they do a great job of making it seem warm out. I remember some tweets when this was being shot, it was NOT warm out!

©Interweave Press

Anyways, I really hope you like it. Please do check out the Knitscene Summer 2012 issue. It is packed with fantastic designs. There is also a designer showcase by Sarah Wilson (The Sexy Knitter). It’s fabulous! Check out the preview here.


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