New Pattern: Foster

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted.  I’ve been very busy! One of the things I’ve been working on is my new women’s cardigan pattern, Foster.

Foster is a top down asymmetrical cardigan. The pattern includes the option of having the sweater open on the left or the right side.

The cable runs asymmetrically down the front and is centered on the back.

The buttonbands and buttonhole bands are picked up and knit, as is, the collar. Instructions for the body include instructions for a shaped waist and a non-shaped waist. Being that this is worked up in a worsted weight yarn, it’s a quick, warm and cozy knit.

The yarn? It is gorgeous. Philomath Worsted from Springtree Road yarns is an absolutely wonderful yarn! It is fantastic off the skein and after a blocking it absolutely blooms and glows!  The color is lovely. As an added bonus, Maya from Springtree Road is offering dye to order sweater quantities if you would like to knit up a Foster for yourself in the yarn used for the sample. Just take a look at her colorways.  The link for the dye to order is here. All the info you need should be on that link. Even if you decide not to order a sweater quantity, do yourself a favor and check out her other lovely yarns.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you like Foster as much as I do!


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