NaBloPoMo…day 5 and 6-belated

Oh, I knew I should have set up this post ahead of time. Yesterday was a complete wash! I can’t believe I missed Sunday. Oh well, I’ll keep going.

I really was very busy yesterday. My mom has started a new business. She’s begun, “baking for hire.” My mom really is a superb baker and for some reason she’s really convinced she’s going to do this. I worry because, I know how tiring baking is and I know how much we bake already during the Holidays. If yesterday’s craft show was any indication, her holiday baking will increase this year. Her kuchens, cookies and bars, were a hit. She wasn’t selling yesterday as she just started this three weeks ago and she has two huge orders to fulfill, but she took orders and gave out samples and her contact info. If she’d had stuff for sale, I am not sure we would have been able to keep up. We were busy enough filling trays with samples and keeping her business flyers stocked. So, that’s how I spent my day yesterday. I hadn’t even planned on going to help. My daughter was just going to go help as she is Mom’s assistant. It’s a good thing I went though!

I didn’t get a picture of the cardigan. When I got home, I collapsed, watched Dexter and went to bed. I did manage to knit another hat on Saturday, which I will also photograph later today. I will have pictures tomorrow, I promise! I will have a thorough blog post tomorrow!


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