New Pattern: Go Buffalo!

PHEW! Another week is flying by here and I am still waist deep in knitting ALL THE THINGS! I’ve had to rip out so much stuff lately. I just knit a sleeve on this thing I am working on, THREE TIMES! I kept changing things and I am glad I did it, I much prefer how it looks now, but sometimes, you just want to get done! I am at that point. In good news this week, I released a pattern!

This little cardigan is so much fun! It is knit from the top down in stripes, with a collar/buttonband that is picked up. I had a blast knitting this. The pattern itself was completely unplanned. I had been looking for a cardigan in similar style for a sport/dk weight yarn and couldn’t find anything that I could modify to my liking, so I wrote my own pattern. When I saw the yarn it made me think of my favorite hockey team. So, I knew it would end up a  Buffalo Sabres cardigan. The colors reminded me of the Old School colors that I loved so much.

The cardigan has fitted sleeves and a bit of a longer body. I think it has a bit of a vintage style to it. Of course, if you aren’t a Sabres fan (the horror!), you can use any colors you like. You could pick your favorite team. One of my testers used her daughter’s favorite colors and striped two different shades of orange. Another tester of mine, used self striping yarn. You wouldn’t have to stripe it all, if you didn’t want to. There are a lot of options!

Another great thing about this pattern is that it is sized from 6m to size 8!  It also looks just as cute on a little girl. Besides, what kid doesn’t look adorable in stripes?

Thanks for stopping by this week. I hope to do another post before the weekend with those swatches that I promised. Unfortunately, the entire household has been hit with some sort of bug, so I was not able to do it last weekend. Let’s hope I get to it this weekend! No more sick kids!


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