Phew, yes, it’s been a crazy couple weeks around here. Busy knitting my rear end off , writing patterns, getting sick, getting well and now nursing sick kids. I need to do a giant blog post of all the stuff that’s been happening. It’s kind of crazy!

First of all, I have a sale going on. For those of you who know all about Malabrigo October Stockpile, you know that it’s a great time for all things Malabrigo. The fabulous Mal Junkies group on Ravelry holds the most fantastic events. In honor of this event, I have put everything in my shop at 15% off with the coupon code: ninjastockup . Stop by the Junkies group and join in the fun. There is a thread full of sales postings.

Secondly, there is another group doing great things on Ravelry. The Candy Skein Addicts group is running a Rhombi KAL for October-December.  I am really honored they liked the pattern so much they wanted to do a KAL. If you haven’t seen Candy Skein yarns, you need to get on over to the group I linked. She has some very lovely yarns. She is offereing $2.oo off each skein of yarn ordered for the KAL. That is a seriously great deal! Check out her lovely stock here and don’t hesitate to ask for a specific color!

Now, a little news about the Anonymous Vampire shawlette. It was featured on the Indigodragonfly blog here, recently. I used her Merino Sock in the pattern and it is absolutely wonderful yarn! I love it. So, if you would like to use the same yarn, be sure to check out her available yarn section. it is worth every penny. See my finished shawlette…it had been knit, blocked, frogged and reknit when I decided to make a design change. Yeah, you can’t tell, because the yarn is so AWESOME. Now, Anonymous Vampire didn’t win the pattern design contest for the Indigodragonfly KAL, but that’s ok! It’s been a big hit and I hadn’t even planned it as a design so it was lots of fun to do.

Last, but not least, the Itty Bitty Kiddie KAL is well underway. FO picks are rolling in! I gave away and random skein of yarn last week. This weeks random skein will be Malabrigo Rasta in the Coronilla colorway! So, come by and join in. Post away for the most chances possible!

So as not to leave you pictureless, I give you a shot from my photoshoot for my most recent pattern to head to test knitters. I am calling it, “Go Buffalo!” Why? You ask. Well, I am a big hockey fan…and I LOVE the Buffalo Sabres. I wanted to knit my son a striped cardigan in old school Buffalo Sabres colors. Since I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked enough to modify. I just made one up and then decided that I might as well grade it while I am at it!



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