Belated FO Friday

I had planned to talk about my finished objects on Friday and then…I got sick. Oh, did I get sick. Not really sure with what but, I was feverish and my tummy was icky. My head was floating somewhere in the vicinity of my body, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t attached.

I was going to show you my Westknits mystery shawl! I did mine in silky Malabrigo. The colorways that I used were Smoke, Cape Cod Gray, and Manzanilla Olive. They are perhaps some of my favorite colors of any yarn in existence anywhere. I used my very photogenic and willing accomplice…err toddler to model.

I love the way the colors look together. I have a lot of leftover yarn too. So, I was thinking of maybe making a hat or something to go with this.

Then over the weekend I got some buttons in the mail. These were eagerly anticipated buttons. I have had a sweater ready for them for well over a week and all it needed to be finished were the buttons. This sweater is a kid’s sweater that sort of came about as an accident. I really hadn’t meant to write a pattern for this sweater. I thought I would find one, modify the length and just knit it up striped. Well, I didn’t find one that would work in sport/dk weight, with not too much ease, and was top down with the buttonbands picked up continually. So, I just decided to write one. Pattern is with test knitters right now.

I just adore this little cardigan! I can’t wait to do the photoshoot for it.

We also have our first finished object photo from the KAL. Knit by javajennie on Ravelry. Take a look at this adorable Boo Hat.

Thanks so much for stopping by! There’s still time to come by and join the KAL in my group!


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