New Pattern and Time for a KAL!

So, if you’ve been hanging around the pattern section at Ravelry, you may have come across some fantastic new patterns that have come out this week. My newest pattern, “Anonymous Vampire,” was among all the lovely new releases.

“Anonymous Vampire” is a crescent shaped lace shawlette. Worked from the top down, the  shawlette gets it’s shape from the rapid increasing at the edges. The top section is done in garter stitch which transitions into a simple, rhythmic lace pattern.

The design comes in two sizes: small and large. The small makes a nice scarf size and the large is more “shawlette” sized.  The yarn used in this design is Indigodragonfly Merino Sock, colorway: tiny bloodsucking dancer. The color is magnificent. I absolutely fell in love with this when I saw it. Now, I don’t jump at “red” yarns very often. But, I fell HARD for this one and had to have it immediately. Of course, with a colorway name like, “tiny bloodsucking dancer,” whatever I made with it,  had to be vampire themed.

See how nicely it would cover up “bites”. I have to preface the rest of this paragraph by saying, I am a HUGE Buffy aficionado. Huge…seriously, huge. Re watching the dvds got me through my 4th pregnancy(that’s a whole different story).  The name, “Anonymous Vampire” came from the Buffy website, They call the random vampires encountered and killed by Buffy and the gang, anonymous vampires. I figured I could use that moniker while knitting and testing this project. I thought I would come up with something better. I didn’t, so I just went with it. I hope you like it. I had fun making it. It was my first foray into lace design. I foresee more in my future.

Now, remember that KAL thingy? Itty Bitty Kiddie KAL. Oh yeah that… It starts tomorrow. I still do not have badges for project pages ready. I will attempt that photoshoot tomorrow. Let’s hope the toddler cooperates. Stop by my group at any time and join in the WHOLE month! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a pattern of mine. Though, if you would to knit one of my patterns, the kiddie patterns are on sale in my shop until September 15th. No coupon code needed.




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