New Pattern Release! 7-10 Split

Yes, as some of you know, I am a fan of the movie, The Big Lebowski. Well, I took that inspiration and I rolled with it this time… ha, get it, rolled with it. Yes, I know that was bad. But, bad puns aside, I released a new pattern this week which draws its inspiration from the ten pin activity and of course from the movie. When I was growing up, I bowled a lot. No, seriously, a lot. I lived in a small town and the one thing that small town had, was a bowling alley. There was very little to do aside from hanging out at the bowling alley (or the library, wait, was that just me?). Ok, so onto the design. It’s a unisex top for the little one adorned with cables running down on each side of the button front.The sample is knit up in Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Dyed Cotton. The main color is coffee and the contrast is Maize. I really love the fabric that this yarn makes. It’s so dense and soft and just wonderful. I think it knits up a lovely children’s garment. This does knit up equally as nice in other fibers. One of my testers used bamboo and another used superwash wool. They are both quite lovely.

I enjoyed knitting this so much that I knit another out of leftovers from another upcoming design done in the same yarn. You can really see the details here. The cable is a 7 stitch cable with 4 rows. Easy to remember.

The edging and buttonholes are worked with the main body of the shirt. The collar has a couple of short rows so that it will lay down nicely.

This picture is just to illustrate how difficult it is to photograph a 2 year old.  He doesn’t do a lot of standing still.



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