Friday Finished Object

Hello there dear public. This week went by so fast and yet so slow at the same time. I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday. The whole day! Like many places across the United States, the weather here has been unbearably hot! Cooped up inside all week pretty much did me in. I decided to take one day a week to show either a WIP(work in progress) or FO (finished object) in order to get myself posting more. Some people’s blogs seem so organic. They have a certain flow to them. I feel sometimes, like I am forcing it. So, I thought maybe if I just do it more, it will get easier. Like writing patterns. It seemed so daunting, at first. Now, it doesn’t seem difficult at all. It’s sort of cathartic.

My FO this week is a cute little hat, The Bergen Street Tuque. This is a pattern by Caryl Pierre of Caryl Style . This is knit up in the GORGEOUS Plucky Knitter MCN Aran in the colorway Steel Cut Oats. Have I mentioned that I have a thing for gray. Well, I have a thing for gray. It’s modeled here by my lovely daughter.  She’s practicing her “moody teen” look. She’s so silly.

Make no mistake about it though. This is MY hat. It is gorgeous and it’s all mine! This was just what I needed. The combination of a great pattern and great yarn!

That’s all for this week. Make sure you stop by early next week, I’m releasing a pattern!


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