This and that…and Thank You so much!

Hello! I can’t believe how awesome this last week has been. Since Kindling has been published, I have gotten a lot of fantastic feedback from the knitting community. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments and all the love you have given my pattern. It’s current “heart” count on Ravelry is 599!

Now, I want to introduce you to a new yarn company.  Meet, The Wool Dispensary!

The Wool Dispensary was founded in 2011, by a dyer, Sam Boce, and designer Bree Miller. They dye special and limited kettle dyed yarns sourced from small farms across the United States. Along with that they offer complimentary patterns. You can read more in depth about the pair here: .  They are currently working on getting themselves to YarnCon. YarnCon is Chicago’s own yarn exhibition. To help cover the costs of this endeavor, the pair have “kicked off” their very own Kickstarter campaign.  A Kickstarter campaign is a way for creative minded people to raise money. Really, the FAQ explains this way better than I ever could. I love Kickstarter campaigns. I think they are a great way to help out creative minded people accomplish what they want to accomplish whether it be publishing a book or starting a yarn company! Being creative minded myself, I believe that there is never enough support for art-related projects. So, things like Kickstarter, are really just fantastic. And really we knitters benefit from there being new wonderful yarns on the market, right?

Check out The Wool Dispensary’s Kickstarter campaign here!

Oh yes, I will show you the yarn…

Seriously, just look at those colors.

So, yes please, check them out. I hear their shop is supposed to be going up soon. Hopefully, I will be blessed with a payday immediately beforehand because, they have some colors that have stolen my heart.


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