Yes, I told you I had a surprise, didn’t I? The surprise this time is that my newest pattern, Kindling, was going up in Knittty’s First Fall Issue! Yay! I wrote the pattern for this, knit and tested this little cardigan in March. It was difficult to keep it a secret, but I managed. It is knit up in the fantastic Sanguine Gryphon Traveller.

This cardigan came to me in a dream. Well, ok not really. What had happened was I had thought of a really cute little kid’s cardigan with a leaf edged front. Two days later, after I had swatched and figured some things out,  I saw this had just been released.  Oh dear! I was headed back to the drawing board. Then, I was looking through cables and spotted the cable/bobble combo. It reminded me of a twig and from there, Kindling was born!

Kindling is a top down raglan. The catch is that the top is in reverse stockinette so I put the increases on the wrong side.  I just thought they looked better and we’re easier to do that way. The cable is also on a background of reverse stockinette so it’s a good idea to put markers around the 6 stitch cable area so as not to get too confused!

The photo shoot was a difficult one to pull off and has convinced me that I need better photo equipment. I don’t know if you know what March can be like in North Dakota, but let me assure you, it was not pleasant.  I believe we had several snow storms this year. So, an outdoor shoot was out of the question for a toddler. There are not many places to take toddlers here in this small town when there’s cold weather, which would also have good lighting and things for a toddler to do. We had to do it in what I have come to dub my temporary work corner/playroom.  It’s supposed to be a living room but with a family room elsewhere what I really needed was a playroom.  Note to self- work on props and backgrounds.Well, I hope you have enjoyed the blog post. I have been so excited to show you this design. I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by! Come check out my group on ravelry too!


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