Sorry Blog, I have my reasons!

I have my reasons for being so neglectful. I promise that I will be giving you lots of love and attention soon! That’s not just an empty promise, either! Am I the only one who is so glad that May is over? I seriously was swamped in May and that made it very stressful for me. It’s not the designing that was stressful, usually the busier I am there, the better. It was all the party planning, a second birthday and a high school graduation.  I am no Martha Stewart (if I was, I’d hire someone to plan parties for me). Don’t get me wrong, I love to have plans and get things ready, it’s just the execution that is sometimes lacking. I mean, I shopped for vegan cake ingredients the day before a birthday…phew, I did find vegan soy-free margarine. Now, I buy vegan soy-free margarine all the time as my toddler cannot have dairy or soy and I know that in this small town, it’s often sold out and waiting until Saturday is a bad idea. It only took 3 stores, but I found it. Sigh…No, I will not miss you May. I know this will happen again too. My toddler’s birthday will always be in May and I have two more teens to graduate within the next 5 years.

On to knitting stuff! What have I been knitting and what is going on? In May, I started a Rock Island Shawl by Jared Flood. Fantastic pattern! I really am enjoying it when I get time to work on it. I have been swamped with design stuff, so there hasn’t been nearly as much time to dedicate to it. I am knitting mine in Madelinetosh Prairie Earl Grey. I got this skein out of a destash. It is perhaps the single, most beautiful skein of yarn I’ve ever seen and I say this as the owner of a skein of Amazonas Wollmeise 🙂 It is knitting up beautifully and I am really enjoying every single minute of it.  Yes, I am enjoying lace yarn. What is going on there?

On designing, I have some FANTASTIC surprises! I cannot wait to share, seriously GOOD stuff. I am literally giddy about it and it is so close now, I might start squeeing. That is all I can tell you about that. I also have a women’s design that I am looking for testers for. Tentatively titled, Rhombi, I am hoping to be able to get this out to testers by Monday. This is a sportweight, cardigan knit up in Squoosh Fiberarts Rapture, which is absolutely wonderful! If you are interested in test knitting especially larger sizes as I have the smaller sizes covered, let me know. Size range is: 32 [34.5, 37.5, 39, 43, 48, 52]

I have another few kid’s designs in the work too. Possibly next post, I will give you a sneak preview. One is ready to go, the other is being knit up. I am excited about them too, They are fun designs.


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