A KAL and a snow storm! No, Seriously!

So, I really needed to get a blog post done this week. I thought that I would have a REALLY busy day today. But, then the snow started falling, and…it hasn’t stopped. UGH! My yard was clear of the evil white stuff. But, that is no longer. I will try to dig out the camera later and snap a pic.  My busy day got unbusy pretty fast. The kids are getting a snow day, so there’s no running them around. My grocery store trip got cancelled. My doctor visit, also cancelled. Set up for state speech, cancelled. I don’t even have to make dinner. My day is now open for work. So, I decided to start off with a blog post!

We gave away some green yarn on Monday. Momofpeg from ravelry won the green yarn! Yay! We had a fun thread going, discussing our favorite colors and yarn lines here.

Monday also kicked off the Momo KAL ! If you want to knit Momo or already are knitting it, stop by and chat along with us. We have no real time frame, we’re gonna take it easy and go at our own paces. I am planning on knitting yet another in a summery material for my daughter. But, I have a lot of “work” knitting to do. I have approximately 6 designs in some sort of progress at the moment. So, I am sure to be very busy and will be in search of test knitters soon. So stop by and say hi!


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