Malabrigo March Giveaway!

Yes, it is the end of February! Last week was my birthday and I was gifted lots of cash because no one “knows what to get me”. Really, I am not that hard to shop for. The main complaint is that I only wanted “knitting” things. That’s not entirely true. I also want a Nook Color. But, no one got me one 🙂 I also had plenty of “regular” items on my wish list. But, apparently they were hard to find. I’ve been told I like obscure things. Again, I disagree. At any rate, I did order some yarn and none of it is here yet. But, it should start arriving soon. Happy Birthday to me. Last week I did order this from a friend:

How could I NOT order it? It screamed to me. I LOVE that yellow green. It’s sooo lovely and it’s a BFL Silk blend. It is absolutely scrumptious. You have to check out her lovelies! Riverpoet (Tracey) dyes the absolute loveliest colors. I just knit my daughter a pair of socks out of some yarn that she dyed specifically to my daughter’s color choices.

So, onto Malabrigo March. I had a couple of patterns up for nomination for KALs. Unfortunately, none of them made it. I am considering doing a KAL on my brand spanking new RAVELRY GROUP! Yes folks, I started my own group. Why? Well, mostly I was growing weary posting test requests and then hunting all the different requests and then emailing and checking all my threads all over ravelry. I thought now when I post them, I can just direct them to my group and there ya go, we’ll take it from there. So, I don’t have to run all over ravelry trying to remember where I posted what and so on and so forth. Also, I like to do giveaways and stuff like that. So, I thought it would be perfect! My first giveaway will deal with just that, my ravelry group. Anyone who joins my group and posts in the Welcome thread will be entered into a drawing for a skein of yarn and a free copy of one of my patterns.  So, which skein of yarn, you ask. Well, there are three choices:

First there is a skein of rosado dos:

Then, there is a skein of  caribeno dos (the blue and purple on the far end):

and last (for now) but not least a skein of Orchid worsted:

If you are victorious, you will get to choose one of those skeins and one of my patterns. I will announce the winner in my group at the beginning of next week and then I will likely have another contest. Or, maybe I’ll post a KAL and have a prize for that thread. I don’t know yet. The possibilities are ENDLESS! Make sure you stop by and say hi!


5 thoughts on “Malabrigo March Giveaway!

  1. Wow, off to join your group! I love the top you are getting tested right now, I will nominate that for a KAL next year, but I will have to knit one before that when you release it 🙂

  2. Just joined your group. Love Malabrigo. Knitting blogs are a whole new world for me. I have mostly been on developmental disability blogs the past few years.

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