Yes, I know I have once again dropped the ball on the blog. I was going to post last week. But, then my week fell apart when one by one, we all got sick (except the toddler.) Then this weekend, my dear significant other got food poisoning! Seriously, I am tired of being around a bunch of sick people, myself included!! Here’s hoping we all get better soon.

On to good news. I posted last time that I was thinking up a giveaway. I got a little behind on that due to my nurse duties. But, I think I will have a giveaway the end of February, right before Malabrigo March on the Malabrigo Junkies board on Ravelry.  If you don’t know what Mal March is, you are missing something important from your life. There are lots of contests and prizes. Malabrigo is always so generous. It’s lots of fun!

Also this week, I managed to get a new design off to testers and tech editor. I am really excited about this design. The sample I knit out of Manzanilla Olive Malabrigo Silky Merino is SO wonderful. The finished fabric is just the most wonderful thing. everyone should have a Silky Merino sweater. We have the photos and everything done already. Pattern is in the hands of test knitters! I am so excited! I hope to release it by the end of March! I will let you see this one picture too:

If this looks familiar, it should! It’s the upsized version of  my Little Momo pattern. I absolutely love it!

I also finished a “secret” project sample and will be starting another new one very soon. There are some exciting things happening this year!


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