Knitting Away

After releasing Little Momo on November 2nd, I’ve had somewhat of a break. October was extremely busy. I released 3 patterns within a month and met 3 other deadlines. So, I needed a week to collect my thoughts. Though, I never really stop designing. I have been preparing submissions, contemplating an ebook and fielding requests from my kids to “design” something for them. So, it all got me thinking about perhaps an ebook for the family, a nice variety of patterns, male, female and child. It’s all just an idea at this point because I do have some other things that I will have to work on over the next few weeks.

I took this week to work on and/or finish things that have been patiently waiting for me. I finished my Macro Lace Cardigan, which has been in the works since March. I had to set it aside during the summer, it was just too warm! It looks great but needs a block. I also finished up my Mal-Traveler scarf. That also needs a block. I knit my little model another sweater. This time I chose the Term Time vest. It knits up really quick! I have also been working on my mom’s sweater which has been in the works for a while, but keeps getting set aside. Oops, maybe I’ll finish it by Christmas!

Here is a look at the Term Time vest.

Cute, huh???


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