Boo Hat Released!

Last week, I posted about a fun little project for October Stockpile in the Malabrigo Junkies group at Ravelry. It was so much fun. I got,  Boo Hat done with a few days to spare. It did help that I knew exactly how I wanted the hat to look and pretty much knew exactly how to achieve the look. So, I was pretty sure I could get it done. It’s also a super quick knit allowing my test knitters to wip right through it. Let’s face it, a 14″ baby hat knit with a chunky yarn does not take long to knit up. Which would make it perfect for gift giving. I will be gifting a few! I have 3 on my list for Christmas gifts! They were requests from my nieces and daughter’s friend. Even my teenage son wants one. He does like fun hats! A knitter on Ravelry told me she was going to knit one for herself and her toddler! Won’t that be cute?

To go along with my Boo hat release I have added a tutorial on my blog for pom making with nothing but your fingers, yarn, and a darning needle. It works pretty well and until I invest in a pom tree, will be how I make my poms. The pattern includes a link to this and another tutorial if you would like to use cardboard circles instead. You could of course, use a pom maker as well.

So stop by Ravelry and check out the Malabrigo Junkies group. They are lots of fun! 


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