Malabrigo Sock! Design away!

So, Malabrigo is having a contest! How exciting is that? The contest is featuring their super-nommy sock yarn. I happen to have a large stash of Mal sock so I of course had to come up with something to submit. I went with another children’s design that I have had floating around in my head for some time. About a year ago, I was perusing a Barbara Walker stitch dictionary and I came across a lovely slipped stitch cable called Slipped Hourglass. I fell in love and decided that I needed to find a place for it. Well, then I got thinking about a top-down sock weight tunic and it just fit perfectly. I had decided that this would be a girls only design when one of my test knitters told me she was knitting it for her son. I got to thinking, “duh!” of course it could be a boy’s sweater too! So, with a few mods, it will be both a girl’s and boy’s pattern. I just have to finish the boy’s sample by October 31st. Well, here is a shot of it in it’s girl form.

Isn’t she adorable? I am really excited about this pattern. It’s with test knitters right now and some of them are plugging away on it. I can’t wait to see some finished objects. That always makes me smile.

Tonight is a big night too for all you junkies out there! Mal Junkies, I mean. October Stockpile starts tonight at midnight! So get out your needles, knit away and try to win some prizes! I will not be defending my most finished objects title this year. I am also planning a pattern release tomorrow. So, I will surely post about that!


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