Working up a Sweat(er) or two!

Well, ok three actually. Yes, I am working on three sweater patterns at the moment! I gave you all a sneak peek of the my Rios sweater last time. This time I have modeled pictures. I got the weather and my son to cooperate all at once! This sweater pattern is very close to being finished. I went over my tech editor’s notes yesterday and am just waiting for a few testers to weigh in. So far all is well! So, I will let you see a couple of the modeled pictures! You can really see the twisted rib detail on the yoke in this picture.
Yeah, he's cute!
We had been calling the sweater, Santino. But, I came across better inspiration. The sweater will be named Kinsale after an Irish port town frequented by British and Irish vacationers. The views of the town are quite lovely and there is water everywhere. I used the colorway Aguas. So, it seemed to be a good fit. Besides, Santino is a decidedly male name and the sweater is really unisex. Isn’t the colorway gorgeous. I think Malabrigo Rios will be great for babies and children!

I hope to have some more pictures up of another design that I am working on sometime this weekend! I am sending this design off to test knitters today or tomorrow. I can’t wait to see more finished objects of these designs

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