I’m not ignoring you!!!

I swear that I am not ignoring you my blog audience. I really hoped that last week I would have something exciting to show you. However, the thing I am waiting for, is not up yet. So, we will have to wait that one out. I figured that as soon as I posted, then something would happen. But, I am not going to put off a post any longer. I have been very busy working on some secret projects! I can’t show them to you. But, I can show you which yarns I am working with. This is Squoosh Fibrearts Ultra DK.

The second yarn I will show you is a very exciting little bit of yummy. It’s Malabrigo Rios, direct from Uruguay. That was a lovely package to get! This is going to be a children’s top down raglan. There’s more to it than that. But, I will be blogging about it. So, that’s all I am going to give you for now. This lovely colorway is Aguas.

I am also working on a design in Malabrigo sock for an exciting contest. I am hoping I can get it done in time. But, it might be close. I just finished a supersecret knit and I will be starting another really soon. There are lots of irons in many fires! Also, I hope this week or next that I will have something fun to show you!


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