Modeled pics

So, I have finally gotten the weather to cooperate and my daughter a day off, so that I could take pictures of this design! This is the same one I took a picture of last week. It is for the Jimmy Beans Wool Misti Alpaca Landscape pattern contest. I really like it. It is simple, but with a lovely stitch pattern, not boring. It’s reversible.  It is so versitile! You can wear it many different ways!

It perhaps is a bit warm for the weather. We started our photo shoot at around 9 a.m. and it was already 80 degrees with 95% humidity. Ouch! But, she was a good sport and did all that I asked. We got some lovely shots.

There isn’t much she won’t do for a smoothie. I am nearly ready to send the pattern in. I should get the actual cowl in the mail tomorrow. I am a bit stuck on the name, but I have a few options.

The finicky teen even said she would love me to knit her one for the winter. She likes that she could leave it open as in the above picture. Or wrap it around her neck as in the bottom picture.


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