Blast from the Past

So, for the Blog and Crochet week post today, we are supposed to revisit a project from the past. Well, I decided to chronicle the life of a blanket that I made over the course of about 6 months or so. I had started one “Big Bad Baby Blankets” in a sportweight yarn (Lorna’s Laces sport)

Big Bad Baby Blanket

I had to adjust the gauge with my math fu. But, it came out quite lovely. I had NO plans for it at the time. I figured that one of my co-workers would have a baby sooner or later and I’d have a gift for them. I worked on it here and there, in between larger, more complex projects and really didn’t concentrate on it too much. Somewhere along the line, I found out I was expecting. Yes, me! At the time my youngest was 9 almost 10. I was not expecting that news! It turned out that the blanket I was knitting became a blanket for my own baby. It is one of his favorites and it has been very well loved. I don’t have a picture of it currently, but if I think of it, I will take one later today. It’s been washed and loved and it still looks fabulous. It’s quite lightweight so it was a good swaddler. It was breathable, yet warm and my son LOVES to snuggle it. So, sometimes, even when a project doesn’t have a purpose to begin with, it finds one along the way.


6 thoughts on “Blast from the Past

  1. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it! When I was in hospital after my first child, there was a woman in the bed opposite who’d just had a girl. Her next youngest was a 14 year old boy. Whenever he visited he always looked slightly horrified, as if he was thinking of what his parents DID to get a baby! YUCK!!! Like, they were so old, they should have been over that stuff! πŸ˜‰

  2. I bet that blanket will always be one of it not his favorite. May just end up wrapping your grand baby up in it someday now that would be great.

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