Location, Location, Location

I have many favorite places to knit. I can be a homebody or a traveling knit “tramp”. But, I’d say the majority of my knitting is done right where I sit at this very minute, right in front of the computer. Why do I knit so much in front of the computer. Well, there are a variety of reasons. First, our computer is in our main upstairs living room, which has really turned into the baby playroom. There are only 3 places to sit in this room and the computer chair is the most comfy chair. So that is where I sit most of the time. That way, if baby is sleeping, I can peruse the internet and/or watch tv.

I used to do more “out and about” knitting. There was a time when my knitting went everywhere with me. Well, being a SAHM now, the baby is usually the only thing that comes with me all the time. Sometimes, if I have an appointment and therefore a babysitter, I will take a project with me. I get comments sometimes, but not really all that often. If we are going on a drive and I am not the one driving, I will take a project too. I have to, I HATE being in a car and the knitting at least makes it bearable. Knitting is like that though, it makes even the worst things bearable for me. It’s my therapy.


4 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location

  1. I had to look up SAHM on the internets, which informed me that it could be ‘staty at home mom’ OR ‘sexy and hot mamma’. I’m going to go with the latter.

  2. Knitting make everything better there are sometimes we all have to go places we don’t want to & thank goodness for the knitting if we didn’t have who knows what might happen lol.

  3. Knitting helps my restlessness when I have to wait. It keeps my mind busy.

    Babies do keep a mom on her toes. 🙂 Enjoy them while they’re young!

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